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  • Gwen Stefani is teaming up with her old band for a new album and there is No Doubt for some fans that Gwen has had a little plastic surgery for the upcoming tour.

    42-year old Gwen Stefani was rocking her signature bold lips at the recent Teen Choice awards. Fans and plastic surgery blogs noted that they thought that Gwen’s lips were looking a fuller, an indication that she may have had a little filler like Restylane or Juvederm injected.

    The In Your Face blog interviewed some plastic surgeons, and they agree that Gwen may have had a little lip augmentation, but it was well-done and didn’t leave her with “trout pout.”

    Dr. Terry Dubrow of Newport Beach, said, “There is no doubt she had lip augmentation and it looks great,” he said.


    “The giveaway, besides the fact her lip is fuller, is that you can see much less of her upper gums when smiling,” he said. “The fuller lip is covering more of that gummy smile she has. Brilliant!”

    Dr. John Di Saia noted that Gwen is well known for her love of makeup and lipstick, which can enhance the appearance of the lips. But he also thought that if she did have her lips injected, it was a job well done.

    “She probably had some filler,” the San Clemente plastic surgeon said. “The best way to tell would be to see some current images without lipstick. If she did have filler, it is an ongoing project, as the safe ones do not last long.”

    London cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva specializes in facial cosmetic operations. He says Gwen Stefani looks to have had lips augmented, what is unusual and catches your eye is the same size of the upper and lower lips. Marilyn Monroe remains an icon today for her impact on beauty, style and fashion, as well as famous full lips that were groundbreaking, sexy and spectacular. There is however a natural balance in the lips in that the upper lip is almost always smaller that the lower lip. Lips can look unnatural when this balance is interfered with. Why does this happen? The commonest reason is too much volume of filler has been placed in the lips. The reason that some celebrities appear to have excessively large lips is that too much filler (usually a hyaluronic acid gel) has been injected into the lips and the gel is hydrophilic (loves water) so after it is injected the lips swell up further. Lip augmentation requires an artistic talent to preserve the natural proportions between the upper and lower lips, and give lip definition with a sharp cupid’s bow and precise lip border. Lip augmentation has become a very popular procedure as beautiful lips are often considered to be relatively large, with defined shape and cupid’s bow and new innovations in the fillers used and techniques can give patients enhanced natural looking results. If Gwen did not like the appearance the augmentation all is not lost as the filler can be dissolved with the use of an antidote within a few minutes.

    In the past, Gwen has been rumored to have had nose surgery and breast implants (See Make Me Heal’s story on Gwen Stefani’s plastic surgery), although Gwen has never admitted to plastic surgery and the procedures seem unlikely.

    If Gwen has had lip augmentation, fans will have to wait for them to “Settle Down” to really know for sure.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Gwen Stefani on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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