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  • Ashley Judd is busy promoting her upcoming television series The Missing, but what has people talking isn’t the subject matter, it’s Ashley’s possible plastic surgery.

    43-year old Ashley Judd was once known as one of the slimmest and sexiest women in Hollywood. So when she turned up on talk shows with a filled-out, puffy face, people immediately blamed plastic surgery.

    Ashley’s camp was quick to dispel the rumors, a rep for Ashley told E! News, “battling an ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu.”

    Dr. Vincent Chan, a Seattle ear, nose and throat doctor specializing in sinus disease, tells MSNBC that medications and steroids taken for sinus problems can cause puffiness, but only when taken long-term.

    “Generally, when steroids are given for sinus infection, they’re given for 10 days to two weeks,” he says. “Usually those types of regimens – steroids for sinusitis – don’t cause that sort of problem.”

    “It takes several weeks to a month to get that kind of puffiness,” he says. “And it will be accompanied by generalized water retention. You’ll be puffy everywhere.”

    According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, Ashley’s explanation could be true.

    “If she says she started taking [steroids] five days ago and that’s why she’s puffy, that doesn’t sound likely,” he says. “But if she says ‘I’ve been on steroids [for a while] and gained weight, I think that’s a very reasonable explanation.”

    However, if it’s not steroid use, Ashley could be suffering from “pillow face” caused by too much injectable filler and not enough plastic surgery recovery time.

    “There’s a new trend in plastic surgery in Hollywood to over-plump people’s faces,” he says. “If it’s not steroids, my guess would be that Ashley Judd has plumped her cheeks with Sculptra injections, which have caused her to have a pillow face and caused her cheeks to look almost chipmunk-like.”

    “It’s possible either way,” Dr. Youn says. “My feeling is that obviously it looks like she has a pillow face, not a steroid face. But her story definitely has some potential credibility to it.”

    Whether or not Ashley has been overusing sinus medications or plastic surgery is still up for debate, and Makemeheal.com hopes her symptoms—in either case—will abate soon.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Ashley Judd on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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    1 Comment so far

    1. Suzanne Marie on March 21, 2012 1:39 pm

      I dont know why the doctors of the rich go overboard. I had some juvederm filler in the same location, corner of mouth near the chin and mine didn’t look like this. At first you can feel the lump between finger and thumb going inside the mouth to outside of cheek then it starts to blend a bit. You can see the difference in it smoothing out sagging skin or filling out dents etc. But when they look puffy, I think they just used too much. Since getting mine I had a face lift so it pulls the face to where you can see the edge of the filler to where I want a little bit more filler now to blend that area. I can tell by the Seattle doctor who looked at my face that she wanted to fill out various areas to turn back the clock with me including my cheeks under my eyes but I think of how Madonna and now Ashley look, puffy. My doctor said many who treat movie stars just go overboard and if they do get puffy…they didnt do it far enough ahead of time to allow things to calm down before they are in the eye of the media. They see where age flattens our cheeks when not smiling and then around the mouth we start to hollow out. Fillers are great but its a shame when pretty women who look actually nice with their angles suddenly look plump in the face. I looked at Ashley’s images online before I commented to make sure its not editing and there are several that show the fuller face.

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