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  • Bono, Plastic Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Face LiftIn a surprise move, when Bono, the lead singer of U2 removed his tradmark sunglasses off in an appearance in New York, he revealed a remarkably fresh-faced, wrinkle-free and eyes-wide open look with no eye bags. The disappearance of Bono’s wrinkles and under eye-bags has prompted insiders and plastic surgeons to believe that Bono had plastic surgery, specifically a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) for his eyes and Botox injections to smooth his facial wrinkles. One plastic surgeon ventured as far as suggesting that the singer had a mid or lower face lift. This plastic surgery rumor may explain the appearance of a plaster that Bono was sporting back in December.

    Being that the singer is almost always perpetually seen in sunglasses, swelling and bruising from an eyelid surgery can easily go unnoticed. The singer took off his sunglasses at a New York event celebrating the launch of a new third world documentary, We Are Together, after a young boy pointed at his face and prompted the singer to take off his sunglasses.

    “I definitely think Bono has had lower blepharoplasty – lower eyelid surgery – which the plaster covered up back in December,” said UK-based plastic surgeon Dr. Lucy Glancey.

    “He probably had quite a bit of bruising under the eye at this time – sometimes you get no bruising after surgery, sometimes you get bruising under just one eye, giving what looks like a black eye,” added Dr. Glancey.

    “A proper black eye could take up to six weeks to heal, on top of slight scarring, which would explain why Bono has remained hidden under sunglasses until now,” add Dr. Glancey.

    Bono’s fresh complexion compared to older photos of the singer suggest that he had some Botox or Restylane injections and may have also had gotten some peels. Dr. Glancey confirmed this saying, “As well as the eye lift, he has probably had Botox to lift his brows becuase there is still a skin overhang in this area which wouldn’t be there if he had had an upper blepharoplasty.”

    Dr. Glancey also believes that the younger look is attributed to a mid or low face-lift, which addresses the facial areas below the cheeks, namely, the jaws and neck. “He also looks to have had Botox all around the eye area, resulting in a softening of the lines and, on top of this, a mid and low face-lift.

    Whether all these procedures were done, Bono definitely looks good and is not overdone in any way.

    “I think Bono has had a reasonably good result – his work hasn’t been overly done, and he just looks a lot fresher. I’m sure he’s pleased with the results which is why he’s so much happier to show off his face, ” says Dr. Glancey.

    As a side note, an unauthorized biography published several years ago suggested that Bono considered having extensive liposuction.

    Whatever Bono did, he remains a formidable person who is among the few caring and altruistic rockstars in the world who spearheads many humanitarian efforts, not to mention the singer of one of the best bands of the modern era. We’ll take Bono in any flavor, with or without plastic surgery, which he has every right to have like anyone else.

    Source: u2france.com

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