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  • (Above: After implants; Below: Pre-implants)
    Previous rumors about Jennifer Aniston having a breast augmentation have reignited again after the seemingly more buxom accepted an award for best female star at the People’s Choice Awards on January 9, 2007. The Daily Mail captured Jennifer bending down slightly and revealing a somewhat fuller looking set of breasts. Looking stunning in a white dress, it’s hard to tell whether Jennifer had paid a recent visit to the plastic surgeon or had simply shopped for a good push up bra and made shrewd use of adhesive tape ahead of her big awards night. Jennifer Aniston has denied previous allegations that she’s had everything from a breast augmentation to a breast lift, going on record on the Oprah Show and saying that her seemingly growing chest is attributed to weight gain from eating a “couple cheese plates too many.” Aniston said “It’s called 10 pounds. You’re either ‘Look at the bump’ or pregnant… when, instead, it’s like a couple (of) cheese plates too many. You gain weight and that’s where it goes on me.”

    (At People’s Choice Awards, 1/9/2007)
    The recently single actress parted ways from actor Vince Vaughn right before Christmas after learning that he shacked up with a 20-year old student during a trip to Budapest in November of last year. While conventional wisdom would have everyone speculating that after having endured two breakups from two-timing boyfriends (Vaughn for the student and Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie) Jennifer Aniston needed a boost, we’re not really sure if this story is holds true. The refreshingly natural looking 37-year old star is hot in our book with or sans the breast implants. If anyone shoots any photos of Jennifer in a bathing suit in the near future, please send them in to us so we can revisit this still unconfirmed rumor.

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