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  • Aly Michalka is the better known half of the sister pop group Aly and AJ, now known as 78violet, thanks to her acting career. But as the sisters have grown up and matured, many fans have noticed that the more Aly is in front of the camera, the more she changes and not all the changes appear to be natural. Some changes appear to be a direct result of plastic surgery.

    Since her days on Disney’s popular Phil of the Future TV show, Aly has transformed her image. These days Aly doesn’t usually play a bubbly teen, but a worldly teen or young adult. With her acting transformation has also come a change in her physical appearance—and not just dying her wavy blonde hair a dark brown shade. Aly has grown up but her bust appeared to become much fuller overnight, a key sign of a breast augmentation.

    Many fans believe that Aly has had breast implants, possibly at the tender age of 18.  In fact, many blogs reported that the Hellcats star seemed to have blossomed overnight around that age. 18 tends to be as young as a plastic surgeon will perform breast enhancement surgery because the body is still growing up before that. Aly didn’t seem to develop slowly, but rather overnight. As a result, her breasts are very full and round and high-riding for her thin frame, which many assume to be the result of breast augmentation.

    After getting breast implants, fans began to note other changes in Aly’s appearance, most noticeably a suddenly prominent pout, which is most likely the result of a lip augmentation. Lip augmentation is often using fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. These fillers are temporary and it looks like Aly may no longer be using them, or using them as much as her lips most recently seem to be of a more normal size and appearance than they were in films such as Easy A, a few years back. For the Grown-Ups 2 premiere, Aly seemed to be relying on bold lipstick rather than plastic surgery to show off her pout.

    Aly’s younger sister AJ is also an actress in her own right but the sisters often team up, like they did on the Hellcats television show. Thus far, AJ doesn’t look to have had lip augmentation. However, working together may mean that they needed to look more alike and it is possible that AJ has also gotten breast implants.

    Plastic surgery tends to run in families. The Kardashian family is the most obvious example of this, with Kris and Kourtney openly admitted to having breast implants while rumors of Botox use and fillers run rampant. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kim and Kyle have both undergone nose surgery, while it is suspected that their sister Kathy Hilton has also had a nose job in the past. Kim and Kyle have also admitted to having breast implants.

    Aly and AJ began their Hollywood careers as kids, so it makes sense that they would also engage in plastic surgery early as well.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profiles of Aly and AJ Michalka on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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