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  • Emerging from her third childbirth less than a year ago, supermodel Heidi Klum has made a strong comeback and is now seen strutting her same, pre-motherhood gorgeous body on a multitude of fashion catwalks and magazine covers. Heidi Klum, Naked,Nude, Plastic Surgery

    But folks are scratching their heads about how after having three children in the space of just two and a half years, the 34-year old mom is able to maintain her incredible hard tummy, svelte body shape, with no sign of any fat, muscle or skin slackness on her body. Is it plastic surgery working behind the scenes or just the result of good hard work and reality-defying genes?

    From topless ads for Jordache to doing a nude photoshoot for Arena Magazine’s upcoming September issue, Heidi Klum wants everyone to know that motherhood has been kind on her and that it has had not taken any toll on her body. While most mothers struggle to lose the weight following childbirth, Klum was back on the fashion runways with a flat tummy only three weeks after having her son Johan. Following giving birth, it appeared that Heidi Klum’s tummy was not as hard as it used to be and that her hips were curvier than her usual. But now, Heidi is back to her former model shape and has no loose skin, no distended abdominal muscles, and no stretch marks. Heidi’s breasts have the same volume and perkiness and show no sagging. In contrast, many mothers lose breast volume and breasts sag after childbirth.

    While some have wondered if laser liposuction, tummy tuck, or breast lift may have given help to the model to return to modeling so quickly, Make Me Heal has found no such evidence and concludes that the model has been resorting to hard workouts, sound nutrition and the blessing of good genes. It’s also likely that Heidi kept her workouts up to the last month of pregnancy. Klum actually attributes her quick weight loss following child birth to breast feeding.

    Heidi Klum, Breast Implants, AugmentationWhile Heidi Klum’s current body shape has been achieved naturally, she appears to have had some plastic surgery in her past, namely a breast augmentation. While Heidi clearly benefits from her boss Victoria Secret’s push-up bras (Heidi has been a model for VS for years), the growth of her breasts cannot be explained solely by these wonderful contraptions. It appears that Klum’s breast implants helped her increase from a B to C cup breast size, which is a modest increase that does not scream fake implants. Overall, the effect has obviously boosted Klum’s career to the upside. Breast implants among supermodels is not uncommon, as Giselle Bundchen also had a breast augmentation during her career.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Heidi Klum on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic source: goodplasticsurgery.com

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