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  • Hollywood is a small world after all. It seems that whether you are a forgotten reality television show star or a leading actress, you have access to the same plastic surgeons. It was recently revealed that Heidi Montag and Angelina Jolie used the same doctor to perform their respective breast implant replacement and breast reconstruction surgeries.

    Just this month Heidi Montag revealed that she sought out the help of Dr. Jay Orringer to replace her large F-cup implants with a more manageable C-cup implant size. Back in 2010, Heidi had upgraded her breast implant size as well as had nine other procedures including an additional nose job, chin and cheek implants and fillers and Botox. Heidi decided to go with a smaller size after finding her F-cups too difficult to manage, causing her pain and health problems and making it too difficult to exercise.

    By downgrading the size of her breast implants, Heidi was able to eliminate the back and shoulder pain and numbness in her arms that she reported experiencing with her supersized implants.

    And it turns out that Angelina Jolie had used Dr. Orringer for her reconstructive surgery after having a double preventive mastectomy earlier this year. Angelina revealed her decision in a lengthy New York Times Op-ed piece back in May. She was diagnosed as having a high risk of developing breast and cervical cancer and so had both a double mastectomy and hysterectomy to lessen her chances of developing the cancers in February.

    In the piece, she explained, “I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer. It is reassuring that they see nothing that makes them uncomfortable. They can see my small scars and that’s it. Everything else is just Mommy, the same as she always was.”

    It seems that both Heidi and Angelina have recovered nicely from their plastic surgery, probably using quality care products found in plastic surgery recovery kits. Heidi would have needed The Make Me Heal Harmony Breast Reduction Recovery Kit, including multivitamins, scar reduction sheets and compresses, which she probably paired with bras especially designed for breast surgery.

    For her surgeries, Angelina would have used products that are designed for mastectomy recovery. Although Angelina opted for a breast reconstruction procedure, not all women who undergo a mastectomy or double mastectomy do. Some women may prefer to wear a mastectomy bra, with or without bust cups. Mastectomy bras are specifically designed for women who have undergone the procedure and bust cups can help fill out the bras so that they fit better under clothes, which typically have room for breasts. Bust cups and mastectomy bras mimic the appearance of breasts so that women can still wear the same clothes as they did prior to their procedure.

    Both Heidi and Angelina are busy and back to work after their surgeries. Heidi is still telling tabloids about her ordeals under the knife, while Angelina is directing her first film in Australia.