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  • She rounded out her nose. She rounded out her breasts. Now, “The Hills” reality-TV star Heidi Montag and feminist hero turned fashion designer reportedly wants to round out her rear as well with a buttock augmentation.

    Heidi Montag, Butt Augmentation, Implats

    The latest reality-TV celebrity to be bitten by the plastic surgery bug, Heidi Montag has been quoted as saying she wants buttock augmentation, with a friend reporting, “She has no butt. She doesn’t want to have plastic surgery, but she may have no choice… She’s still insecure about her body. She doesn’t want to be as big as Jennifer Lopez, but she does want a little more booty.”

    The most popular way to perform buttock augmentation is with fat grafting or micro fat grafting that is combined with aggressive trunk liposuction (known as the Brazilian Buttock Augmentation). Alternatively, buttock augmentation can be performed with a silicone implant. The fat grafting procedure is more popular as it produces much more natural results in terms of the feel of the material and the long-term look of the shape. Since the fat that is harvested is the patient’s own natural tissue, the outcome is more natural. The procedure is done by first performing tumescent liposuction to collect fat, which is gently washed with a saline solution. The fat is then put into syringes and then grafted into the buttock using hundreds of passes through a tiny hollow tube into the tissues of the buttocks. Complications are rare and the procedure can take 3-8 hours.

    When using an implant, an incision is made in any one of the following places: where the cheek meets the back of the thigh, or down the buttock crease. The incision is usually made in the buttock crease, where scars are not noticeable. However this area does carry a high infection risk. The doctor then makes a pocket to insert the implant, either on top of or under the muscle.

    If Heidi gets a buttock augmentation, this wouldn’t be the first time she goes under the knife, Make Me Heal has previously reported on Heidi Montag’s breast augmentation and nose job (read the full story on Heidi Montag’s breast augmentation and Heidi Montag’s nose job). Although Heidi is the only character on The Hills to come clean about going under the knife, she’s not the only girl to take advantage of Hollywood’s close proximity to the plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills. Take a look at Make Me Heal’s opinions on the other girls on the show, including Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, and Audrina Partridge (read the article on Lauren Conrad & Audrina Partridge’s plastic surgery secrets).

    While Make Me Heal thinks that Heidi’s surgeries so far have been successful and have helped her career and that her buttocks could use a little more bounce, we just hope the young starlet does not get carried away and become obsessed about fixing every imperfection and go down a never-ending spiral of plastic surgeries like some of her Hollywood colleagues.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Heidi Montag on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia

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