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  • With Heidi Montag once again letting the tabloids in on her plastic surgery secrets, she is once again in the spotlight. However, this time around Heidi seems to have learned from her past mistakes, including overloading on plastic surgery.

    Beyond being on the popular reality series The Hills, Heidi Montag to find fame on her own by undergoing an astounding ten plastic surgery procedures all at once. Although she had already gotten breast implants and a nose job, she decided to upgrade her implants to a supersized F-cup as well as have a nose job revision. In addition, she apparently she also went along with her doctor’s recommendation for numerous other procedures that included chin reduction, mini brow lift, Botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs and buttock augmentation.

    Soon after all her procedures, Heidi began to talk about how much she regretted having them as the cost and after care of always looking her best took a toll on her finances. Currently, Heidi and her husband have moved away from Los Angeles to live a quieter life in the celebrity getaway beach city of Santa Barbara.

    In fact, Heidi estimates that after all her procedures and special after care bills were paid for, she spent around $250,000 on plastic surgery, a major contributor of the couples’ financial woes.

    But it seems that Heidi wasn’t done talking about her plastic surgery yet. Earlier this year, Heidi announced that she was downgrading her large breast implants to a more manageable C-cup. Her decision landed her back in the public eye and Heidi and her husband are once again inviting the public into their private lives, with interviews and even an E! television special.

    During the E! special, Heidi and Spencer argued about whether or not to have kids. While both felt kids were way off in the future, Heidi was certain about having them, while Spencer remained doubtful, given his past as one of reality television’s most disliked characters.

    In a new interview with Life & Style Weekly magazine, Heidi says she still wants kids, but doesn’t want her children to feel a need to go under the knife as she did.

    Heidi is currently 27, but tells the magazine she plans to have kids in the future, “Definitely in my 30s. I think being a mother is one of my purposes in life, so I can’t wait to have kids. Ideally, two boys and a girl!”

    As for her kids having plastic surgery, Heidi is less certain about that, saying, “I would definitely advise against it. And hopefully I’d raise her in a way that she doesn’t feel the pressure or need.”

    Heidi has said in the past that she was always self-conscious about her looks, even growing up in a small town in Colorado. Her insecurities grew when she headed to Hollywood and hooked up with the beautiful girls of The Hills.