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  • It’s been over a year, but Heidi Montag is still talking about her plastic surgery. After the shocking death of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, Heidi is saying that the celebrity plastic surgeon misled her about the extent of her plastic surgeries (read Makemeheal.com’s interview with Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan).

    A year ago, then 23-year old Heidi underwent: nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs, buttock augmentation and breast augmentation revision. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery).

    /Heidi Montag, Plastic Surgery

    After Dr. Ryan’s untimely demise, Heidi called him, “the most amazing person I have ever known…an angel.” Now, Heidi has changed her tune, saying, “It was a lot harder than I was led on by my doctor…I didn’t know how excessive it really was.”

    It doesn’t seem fair that Heidi Montag would change her mind about her view of Dr. Ryan’s care after he is unable to defend himself. Before his death, Dr. Ryan gave an interview to Allure magazine in which he set the record straight about Heidi’s procedures.

    “After Montag went public with her new look, Ryan took a beating in the media–especially for supersizing the actress’s breasts. He initially refused to make them so large. His recollection of their pre-surgery discussions? ‘We had multiple conversations about breast size’ prior to the surgery, he told me. ‘I did her implants three years ago. She was a 32C. Perfect. But now she wanted to go much larger. We debated that. But she had made a business decision. She wanted this blond-bombshell persona, a la Pam Anderson. I told her we can only go so big,’ explaining the possible complications. Finally he says he told Montag, ‘Aesthetically, it’s your call.’ She loved the result, he said. ‘She sent me a huge flower arrangement and thanked me for changing her life.’”

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Heidi had to sign surgical consents prior to having her multiple cosmetic surgeries stating that she fully understood everything involved in her surgery.  The fact that she had additional surgeries such as an implant exchange to much larger implants leads me to believe she knew what she was doing.  I do not know of any cosmetic surgeons that would mislead a patient to choose and implant based on the cuteness that it would match their name, recalling Heidi’s past statement that she wanted “H” sized breasts for ‘Heidi.’”

    Clearly Heidi doesn’t know what she wants, but she does like telling her latest whim to the press.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Heidi Montag on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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