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  • In a recent interview on The View alongside her husband, reality TV villain Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag opens up about why she decided to have so many plastic surgery procedures at once, over three years ago.

    According to Heidi, she didn’t go into the doctor’s office planning to have so much plastic surgery, but went ahead with them when the late Dr. Frank Ryan recommended them, not understanding or knowing that they would be so drastic or have such a painful recovery process.

    “I really just went back in to get my nose reset and get a little bit larger of implants because I had been elbowed by a backup dancer in a music video that I was doing and then I went in and was talking to my doctor and he just kind of diagnosed me and was like, ‘You should get a chin reduction, and an eyebrow lift,’ Montag told host Barbara Walters.

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    “I didn’t know what an eyebrow lift and a chin reduction was! So once he kind of told me everything that was wrong with me I felt really insecure, and he gave me a really great deal on it all. He didn’t tell me how extensive it was going to be, how severe, how painful, so I had no idea.”

    Just as a recap, back in 2010 Heidi went under the knife for F-sized implants to replace her original implants as well as buy Ventolin no prescription a buy Ventolin no prescription nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, Botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs and buttock augmentation.

    Late last year, Heidi once again made news when she revealed that she was replacing her huge implants, which weighed 3 pounds each, with a more moderate size. Heidi reportedly sought the advice of the reconstructive surgeon because her breast implants were causing her to experience pain in her back and shoulders and even some tingling in her arms. According to Heidi via UsWeekly, the doctor informed her that her large implants were falling through the bottom, which is very dangerous and that the implants could eventually end up near her belly-button.

    The copious amounts of plastic surgery took place during the height of the couple’s popularity on the reality show The Hills. Apparently, Heidi’s numerous procedures didn’t just take a physical and psychological toll, they also cost the couple financially as well. They admit to going through around $10 million.

    “A majority of it is gone. There’s agents, lawyers, managers, taxes, hair and makeup,” Heidi said.

    “The private jets, the million dollar wardrobe,” Spencer added.

    Nowadays, their life is very different.

    “We just live really humble lives. I cook a lot, I clean our house all the time,” she said.

    Still, that doesn’t mean they are adverse to doing another reality series in the future. Just that they want to be financially secure in the meanwhile.
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