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  • In the youth-obsessed Hollywood, too much attention is given to young starlets. Make Me Heal decided to look at the plastic surgery secrets behind enduring beauties Helen Mirren and Julie Chrisite who continue to shine and look better each year.

    Helen Mirren, Face Lift, Plastic Surgery

    Last year, Make Me Heal reported on Best Actress winner Helen Mirren and her gradual approach to facial rejuvenation that have allowed her to appear to age gracefully and naturally. At last year’s Oscar ceremony, Helen Mirren appeared to have aged gracefully, although Make Me Heal suspects a subtle facelift and necklift to have enhanced her beauty (read the full story on Helen Miren’s Facelift). She appears to have remained untouched and fabulous at this year’s Oscars ceremony and plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif agrees with us, “Helen Mirren looks great.” However, he did have some suggestions for the aging beauty, “She obviously could use Botox for her frown, forehead lines and crow’s feet. An intense pulse laser (IPL) would be great to “Freshen-Up” her skin also prior to the Oscars. A lip filler would be fantastic to improve her lips.” Make Me Heal noted the lines and agrees with Dr. Nassif’s surgical suggestion to help freshen her eyes, “Surgically, an upper blepharoplasty would freshen up her eyes.”

    As we know that Helen Mirren is not adverse to plastic surgery, we hope she takes some of the suggestions to heart and continue to keep her best face forward.

    Julie Christie, Neck Lift, Plastic Surgery

    Julie Christie is another actress that has had a successful history with plastic surgery (read a previous story on Julie Christie’s Plastic Surgery confessions). She has admitted to having jaw work done and Make Me Heal applauds the results, as does plastic surgeon Dr. Nassif, “Julie Christie looks fantastic. She is aging gracefully and possibly had lower facelift that has natural results.”

    That’s not to say that Julie can’t still improve, as Dr. Nassif reminds, “Women her age need to focus on their skin and possibly consider some procedures to eyebrow and face, like an eyelid and face lift for a natural, rested appearance.”

    Like Helen Mirren, Dr. Nassif says, “Julie could definitely benefit from an endoscopic brow lift and upper blepharoplasty to rejuvenate her eye and brow region.”

    These timeless beauties are successful examples of how even the beautiful still need a little help.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Helen Mirren and Julie Christie on Plasticopedia, the world’s largest plastic surgery encyclopedia.