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  • In an interview with renowned makeup guru Bobbi Brown, supermodel Helena Christensen reveals her beauty secrets. So far, her success at remaining forever gorgeous doesn’t include plastic surgery, but the 45-year old former Victoria’s Secret Angel says that could still change.

    Now a photographer herself and a one time fashion magazine editor, Helena has had a varied life and traveled all over the world. While many models plan ahead and begin trying to turn back the hands of time at an early age and end up having overzealous plastic surgery, Helena says that she didn’t really start taking care of herself until the age of 38. At that point, her naturally fast metabolism finally slowed down and she discovered that she loved boxing as a way to stay in shape. And she says that sleep is key to staying beautiful even as her face changes from aging naturally.

    Helena explains to Bobbi, “You just have to basically make sure that the few things you can do to maintain your health and looks are being done. For me, sleep is the most important thing. If I don’t get at least eight hours, I always say I look like a Picasso painting, where things were just kind of thrown in.”


    And when Bobbi asks, “So what are your thoughts on plastic surgery and fillers, etc?”


    Helena responds that she isn’t against plastic surgery, but she hasn’t gone under the knife yet and won’t be adverse to having some nips and tucks in the future if she thinks that they would help her feel better about herself.


    Helena explains her view on aging and plastic surgery, “If you’re not happy with the way you look and feel that a tiny little change could make a big difference, then fine. We all know what it looks like when you go too far. I am sure in some distant future I will, you know, and hopefully by then there will be wonderful methods that don’t seem too intrusive. I will definitely not hold back if there are ways that you can make yourself feel a little lighter and happier. We all know that with age things start sagging and that’s just the way it is. So far, I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that I will continue having my grandmother’s genes because she is 97 and looks great.”


    So when asked what she does to keep her skin looking fresh and young in the meantime, Helena explains that she relies on microdermabrasion sessions to improve her skin and help tighten and freshen it up.


    “I like microdermabrasion. It actually makes your skin look bright and glowing. Your skin feels tighter and you just look fresher. I’m kind of lazy with all that stuff, so I don’t go more than like once a year.”


    Although as a supermodel, Helena has sported full face makeup, in her personal life, she tends to keep things minimal:


    “I will always have some kind of tint that I dab on my cheeks, because I really love that red cheek look. When I go out, I will sometimes do a bronzy eye applied with my little finger. I don’t use any brushes. Sometimes I put on black eyeliner or green eyeliner. Red lips are always good. I never use mascara unless it’s for a shoot or on rare occasions even when going out, because I find it so utterly boring to take off.”