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  • Let’s face it.  Celebrities have great hair.  They go to great lengths to make sure their tresses are perfectly cut, colored, and coifed.  Their careers depend on their ability to look picture perfect at all times.  We’ve all seen the pictures of celebs without their makeup and it’s seldom a pretty sight.  The same can be said about unkempt hair.  When properly styled, it dazzles.  When it’s flat, frizzy or dirty, it’s disastrous.

    Photo opportunities are a time for celebs to shine.  Entire magazines are dedicated to the subject of celebrity hairstyles and if it wasn’t for tools like the HerStyler Hair Straightener, singers, actors, actresses, and prized fighters wouldn’t be rocking the amazing curls, updos, mohawks, and waves that they wear to awards shows, fundraisers, and sporting events.

    Celebrities are going crazy for the Forever and Colorful Seasons HerStyler ceramic flat irons.  Jodie Sweeten from the hit TV show, Full House, and Christian Williams from Hercules have smooth, shiny straight hair with little effort because they use the revolutionary HerStyler Hair Straightener.  They don’t have to worry about damaging or breaking their locks because HerStyler products make hair three times softer and silkier than other ceramic straightening irons.

    Some other things to look forward to when using HerStyler Hair Straighteners include:

    • Adjustable temperature controls to adjust to every hair type (240°C/460°F, 120°C/200°F.)
    • The ceramic plates generate six times more energy than an ordinary ceramic straightening iron.
    • Ergonomic design made with comfort in mind.

    Singers like Danny Noriega from American Idol, who uses Herstyler ceramic flat iron Forever, can plug it in and begin styling his hair right away.  That’s because it heats up to the desired temperature in 25 seconds which is perfect because time is money in Hollywood.  It also saves energy and prolongs the life of the straightener which is ideal.

    Another celebrity who uses a Herstyler Hair Straightener is MMA fighter Justice Smith, who doesn’t have to battle his hair.  He just pulls out his HerStyler wherever he goes.  The ultra-light design of the straightener makes it easy to pack in a suitcase or overnight bag.  Some models like the Colorful Seasons comes with its own matching travel case.

    Other celebrities using Herstyler ceramic flat irons include Pauly Shore, Brit Morgan, Ariel Winter, and Jimmy Jean-Louis have incredible hair.  They love HerStyler products for a reason.  The company puts out products that make them look and feel their very best.  You can have hair just like your favorite stars, singers, and athletes by picking up the Forever or Colorful Seasons the next time you’re out and about.

    If you’re curious about HerStyler, check it out or buy Hairstyler on Makemeheal.com.