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  • Hilary Swank, Breast Implants, Plastic SurgeryOne actress whose breasts are the subject of conflicting plastic surgery rumors is Hilary Swank, with half the world thinking she is naturally endowed with nice-sized breasts and the other half believing she had a breast augmentation sometime after the film Boys Don’t Cry came out or after her breakup from Chad Lowe. One thing’s for sure, Hilary Swank no longer resembles the boyish figure she was once famous for.

    Photos of Hilary Swank throughout the last decade show her sometimes looking quite flat and then in more recent photos growing in the bust area. Whether this is simply due to Hilary having hidden her assets earlier in her career is uncertain. But, it’s a little hard to believe that an actress so frequently associated with a boyish figure has always had these breasts concealed under her clothes.  

    Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn recently told Make Me Heal that he believes Hilary Swank may have had breast implants following her breakup with Chad Lowe. “After her much-publicized breakup with husband Chad Lowe, Hillary Swank appears to have gotten a breast augmentation,” says Youn. “People who have recently ended a long-term relationship quite often undergo plastic surgery. For many of them, it symbolizes a new beginning, or a transformation into a new person.” Youn adds caution, saying that “For others, it may be an unfortunate attempt to gain attention in order to “woo” the person back.” While we don’t think that Swank thought twice about going back to the Chad Lowe, we can think of other stars who on the “rebound” decided to pick up a set of new boobs. “Either way, plastic surgery is something that must be taken seriously, as it is not the same as getting a new hairstyle,” says Youn.

    Swank’s figure has often been a topic of interest. In her breakthrough role as Brandon Teena in 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry, Swank played a transgender female who is seen taping down her breasts and dressing as a man. In famed director Clint Eastwood’s 2004 Million Dollar Baby, Swank transformed herself into a female boxer with daily two and a half hour boxing sessions as well as two hour daily weight training sessions. Recent photos of Swank, however, indicate a somewhat sizable increase in the size of her breasts. The actress who has been quoted as saying, “I love to work out. I’ve always been really athletic. It’s really an integral part of my life. Just running and cycling and pilates. I’m not obsessed about it but I like to do it,” now appears to have a more feminine physique.

    Regardless of whether Hilary Swank got a breast augmentation, we wish Hilary much happiness and success in her career and perhaps we’ll get to see more of Hilary’s new curves and assets in her next Academy Award performance.

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