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  • While numerous presidential candidate debates rage on, the most interesting political debate may be whether or not Hillary Clinton had any plastic surgery.

    hilary clinton plastic surgery before and after pictures

    Everyone was riveted by Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Presidential Debate held last Sunday, June 3, 2007. But it was not her campaign ideas that got everyone excited, but rather her amazing new look that was downright youthful. Heads are scratching about what cosmetic surgery Hillary may have had to rewind her age clock by five to ten years.

    Only a year or two ago, Hillary had droopy eyelids, a tired look, and under eye-bags. Hillary also had deep lines and wrinkles, especially glabellar lines which appear between the eyebrows above the nose, nasolabial folds that emanate from the nose down to the corner of the mouth, marionette lines running below the mouth, and crows feet and tear trough depressions around the eyes. Moreover, Hillary Clinton had a little slack skin in the neck and moderate jowling in the jawline.

    Now, there is a whole new topography on Hillary’s youthful face. Hillary’s eyes look refreshed, wider and more open, and the eyelids are no longer droopy as they were before. This may suggest that Hillary has gotten a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and may have used Restylane or Botox injections to soften the crows’ feet, wrinkles, and depressions around the eyes. Gone also are the frown lines above her nose bridge between her eyebrows, which is typically handled by Botox injections. Also, Hillary has a tight and clean neckline with no sagging skin, which can be explained by a neck lift. The jawline is tighter and smoother than before, the jowls have been softened and minimized, all of which suggests that she may have a facelift. Additionally, Hillary’s skin tone is brighter and it is possible that she has had a chemical peel, or dermabrasion, or laser skin resurfacing to slough off the older damaged layers of skin and allow for younger skin to emerge.

    Hillary Clinton’s advisor Howard Wolfson says that the presidential candidate has not had any plastic surgery. When questioned on the subject previously, Hillary smiled to reporters and asked, “Do you want to check for the scars?”

    The plastic surgery rumors about Hillary Clinton started before this debate, although not until Hillary’s dramatic change at the debate did these rumors seem to have any legitimacy. The rumors started when a newspaper columnist was on a plane ride with John Spencer, Hillary’s opponent in the senate elections. Spencer suggested to the reporter that Clinton had undergone “millions of dollars” in plastic surgery. At the time it seemed to be a typical cheap shot taken by one candidate against another.

    While some of the seeming cosmetic enhancements in Hillary’s appearance could be due to excellent makeup skill or lightning, it is difficult to attribute all of Hillary’s physical improvements to these temporary fixes.

    The final verdict on Hillary Clinton is that whatever she’s done — plastic surgery or not — the sentiment of the American people is that she looks more attractive. Hillary’s makeover gets thumbs up all around and like any woman, she rightfully deserves to pamper herself and get plastic surgery. The only advice would be that Hillary should come out and speak truthfully about whether or not she had plastic surgery, as if she were to do that she would surely gain legions of new supporters and votes by showing a human and honest side to her. In this day and age where plastic surgery has been normalized and accepted as part of a regular person’s beauty maintenance routine, only few people would judge and frown upon Hillary Clinton for having surgery. Fess up Hillary.

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