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  • Many identical twins grow up enjoying the same activities from piano lessons to dance classes and even wear the same clothes. But often as they grow up, they develop different personalities and may even age differently, according to their lifestyle choices. But the Daily Mail reports that identical twins Jo and Kerry Burton enjoy being identical so much that they have even invested in identical plastic surgery procedures.

    Around 17 years ago Jo decided to have a nose job, so Kerry went under the knife as well. Now, close to $120,000 later, the duo have had numerous matching procedures over the years.

    Over the years, the twins have undergone two breast augmentations, nose jobs, eye lifts and minor cosmetic procedures like facials, spray tans, manicures, pedicures and twice a year they get Botox together. The Botox injections occur at the same time so that it wears off at the same time.


    Most recently, the 38-year old twins had a breast augmentation to take their DD implants up to an E size. The twins went under the knife on the same day, after first having implants placed in 2004, to take them from a B cup to a larger size.


    The first procedure the twins had was a nose job in 2001, according to Kerry, who is a mother and a beautician. She explains, “Jo said she’d like a curve in her nose. I agreed that our noses were very straight and it seemed natural to go under the knife together.”


    Oddly enough, the nose jobs didn’t work out well for either twin.


    “The tip of Jo’s nose turned one way and mine went the other,” said Kerry.


    After the botched job, they both underwent corrective surgeries the following year, with much better results. However, their initial bad experience hasn’t put them off getting cosmetic procedures.


    Jo explains that even the doctor performing the procedures has trouble telling them apart, “The surgeon even scribbled our initials on our stomachs so he didn’t get muddled up.”


    And when they were 26, they began getting Botox and facials together as well, “Always at the same time,’ says Jo, ‘so we age the same way.”


    In 2009, Jo decided that they should get eyeliner tattooed as well as eyelifts to combat the wrinkles beginning to creep up around her eyes.


    “I noticed a few crow’s feet appearing around my eyes and thought about an eye lift. Kerry agreed and we were delighted with the result.”


    In January, the twins found out that their implants were faulty PIP models and so they opted to have them replaced. Together, of course.


    And while their mother would try to tell them apart by putting one twin in one color and the other in another, they have always enjoyed doing things together.


    The twins aren’t done with plastic surgery. As they age, they are considering getting a facelift.


    Jo added, “It would have to be joint surgery.”


    “We’d never have anything done without the other.”