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  • Jennifer Aniston has a  stunning figure for women of any age, yet the Daily Mail reports that the former Friends actress still struggles with insecurities about her looks—from her hair to her arms. Is plastic surgery in the plans?

    Despite regularly being named as one of the world’s sexiest women and posing in bikinis and discussing her health regimen, apparently 45-year old Jennifer Aniston still feels her age from time to time. Jennifer is said to be self conscious of the skin hanging around her armpits and is considering a brachioplasty procedure, sometimes called “batwing” surgery.

    A source told Grazia’s Joe Stone: ‘Jen seems really bothered about the folds of skin around her armpits. She’s put on a bit of weight for her latest role in Cake and apparently feels self-conscious wearing sleeveless tops.”


    The report goes on to say that although many stars openly admit to plastic surgery procedures, Jennifer is so self-conscious about her image that she has secret consultations in the middle of the night.


    The source added: “She’ll have the operation at 4am to avoid photographers, which is her usual tactic.”


    Generally, brachioplasty procedures are reserved for those who are older than Jen, or those who have dropped a whole lot of weight and are left with a significant amount of skin that interferes with the ability to comfortably wear clothes, as the procedure does leave a rather large and obvious scar.


    Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, MD explains the arm lift procedure, saying, “A brachioplasty procedure targets the upper arm, an area more commonly known as ‘bingo wings’.”


    “Despite a regimented fitness regime and healthy diet, it’s not unusual to develop excess skin and fatty tissue on the upper arms as with age, and in some cases rapid weight loss, skin loses vital elasticity that keeps the arms taut and toned.”


    “There are two types of brachioplasty procedures that can be performed, and this depends upon the amount excess skin and concentration of fat.”


    “If excess hanging skin is located and limited to within a couple of inches from the armpit, then this excess skin can potentially be pulled up and tucked into the armpit with an axillary brachioplasty or mini arm tuck.”


    “For patients who have excess skin that extends from the armpit to the elbow, the best option is to completely remove the excess arm fat and skin.”


    Jennifer doesn’t look to be a candidate of either procedure, but may have sought a consultation to find out.


    The article also reports that despite having had one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time, Jennifer is not necessarily a fan of her own locks.


    “The thing that makes me chuckle is when I hear that my hair is so this, or so that,” she told The Metro.


    “My hair is always at odds with a brush and a hairdryer. To get my hair straight can be a struggle.”

    Jennifer shocked fans last year by chopping off her famously long locks, reportedly after a straightening treatment gone wrong and more recently is said to be suffering from thinning hair.