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  • Sometimes it seems like the drama surrounding Lindsay Lohan and her family will never end. A while back it was revealed that Lindsay’s dad had fathered a secret lovechild back when he and Lindsay’s mom were still together. Since the big revelation, Lindsay has said that she wants nothing to do with her secret half sibling. But that doesn’t mean that the said sister, Ashley Horn, wants nothing to do with her.

    Making poor decisions seems to run in the Lohan family. Just weeks out of rehab, Lindsay has already been caught by paparazzi reaching for wine bottles and partying with Miley Cyrus. Apparently sister Ashley Horn is also into making poor decisions because she has actually gone under the knife to have plastic surgery to look more like her famous sister.

    18-year old Ashley revealed to InTouch magazine that she spent $25,000 on plastic surgery procedures to look more like big sister and celebrity, Lindsay Lohan. She says that Dr. Franklin Rose in Houston performed five procedures including a nose job, “refining” of her cheeks and jaw and fat injections in her chin and cheeks.

    Ashley says that she wanted to look like Lindsay in her “good days,” around the age of 18 or 19.

    She seems to be happy with the results, boasting that now “I’m hotter than Lindsay!”

    Although Ashley wants to look like Lindsay, she says that the family resemblance ends there because she doesn’t drink or do drugs like the rest of the Lohan family.

    The revelation that Ashley is Michael Lohan’s daughter came on an episode of the show Trisha Goddard treat erectile dysfunctiГ®n , much to the seeming dismay of Ashley’s mother, Kristi Horn.

    Days after the news, Michael told Good Morning America that Ashley was conceived while he and Dina, Lindsay’s mother were on a break. Lindsay herself hasn’t commented much on the situation, other than to call it “disgusting.”

    It’s nice that Ashley is happy with her plastic surgery, as it is not generally advised to undergo plastic surgery in order to look like someone else but rather a better version of yourself.

    If you do want to try to look your favorite celebrity, you may be surprised by what some expertly applied makeup can do. There are countless tutorials on YouTube that can show you how to apply makeup buying Viagra online in order to look more like your favorite celebrity. Using one of these tutorials can help you do your eye makeup so that it resembles Lindsay’s signature looks, from the deep makeup she wears in the Canyons to the fresh-faced look she sported as a young starlet.

    For a more recent look, a heavier foundation buy Paxil application is probably necessary as your base and you’ll probably want to draw your lip liner outside your natural line in order to make them appear larger, like Lindsay’s in recent years. Lindsay usually goes for a smoky eye, but it often because smeared after a hard night of drinking—how you achieve that is up to you.