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  • When it comes to plastic surgery, it seems like it gives some fields more of a leg up than others: namely modeling and acting. But plastic surgery is becoming more and more common in other fields as well and after Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke shared her sexy photos of herself on Instagram, Makemeheal.com can’t help but think that athletics is one of them.

    20-year old Michelle Jenneke was featured as one of the athletes in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and it’s easy to see why. Michelle first drew international attention after a video of her warming up before a meet showed that part of her warm up routine includes some pretty hot dance moves.

    While it seems like breast augmentation would be a hindrance for a hurdler, some of Michelle’s off the field modeling, from magazines to personal Instagram images, seem to indicate that plastic surgery has taken place. Michelle’s breasts are large-ish for her frame and she seems to always have cleavage, full, round and high, no matter how unsupportive her garment appears to be. However, Michelle is very young and having breast implants seems like an unlikely risk to take at this point in her career, so it is just as likely that Michelle is competing and is just naturally full chested and the extra support she wears when hurdling gives her great cleavage.

    Women that aren’t as naturally “talented” as Michelle can still get similar results without going under the knife. Push up bras, such as the Wonderbra can create cleavage and even more so when used in combination with bra inserts. Even at the beach, you can use products like the Bubbles’ Triangle-shaped push-up pads, which fit even under the tiniest bikini tops and can be worn in the water as well.

    While Olympic athletes may not be boosted by breast implants, there are other female athletes that have found plastic surgery to be beneficial. Female bodybuilders in particular tend to get breast implants to help advance their careers.

    Female bodybuilders tend to have breast implants in order to have curves for a softer appearance, one of the criteria of professional competition. Makeup, posture and tanning are also big items for female bodybuilders, as they appear to be for Michelle as well—at least off the field and in front of the camera.

    Rather than spending time in the sun, tanning products tend to be safer than professional spray tans and tanning beds and they also allow you to “build” your color, so that you don’t suddenly appear orange or like you spent all of your time in the sun over the weekend. To make sure that you don’t get streaks or patches of color, be sure to exfoliate first, especially around tricky areas like knees and elbows.

    And makeup can help to camouflage everything from unwanted to freckles to a nose that may be a little wider than is desirable.

    These tricks and tips can help any woman look and feel better, not just athletes.