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  • Would-be star Iggy Azalea’s star seems to be on the rise and like others, she seems to be climbing the fame staircase with plastic surgery.

    Australian model and recording artist Iggy Azalea is only 23, but she moved to the United States at 16 to find fame and fortune. Born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, Iggy first got attention by posting videos on YouTube and now has been noticed by rapper TI who has done a lot to help boost her career and get her noticed.

    What has also gotten noticed is Iggy’s large rear end. Since making her first videos, Iggy’s assets have gotten noticeably larger, making many suspect that she has joined the women who have had buttocks augmentations in order to rise to the top.


    While JLo may have started the trend, her derriere is likely all hers as it is proportionate with her body. But other stars, from Coco Austin and Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj seem to be leaving out some details about how their full behinds manage to defy gravity and young Iggy seems to be following suit.


    It is suspected that these women don’t have buttocks implants so they feel comfortable saying that their derrieres are all natural because they have used a natural filler, whether it is fat taken from elsewhere on their body or from collagen, which is a natural fat from bovine.


    Like other female rappers, Iggy has been known to cause some controversy both lyrically and with her appearance. When she isn’t making rhymes that relate to hate, Iggy is busy showing off her new curves.


    Sporting skimpy costumes and dancing around, you would think that Iggy would have a more toned rear end, in keeping with the rest of her slim, model figure. However, Iggy’s backside is very full, which is why she has come under scrutiny for having had some sort of buttocks augmentation.


    Currently, Iggy has been spotted out and about and performing and generally getting close with rapper TI, who has helped her career considerably. In the past, she was linked with Kanye West, despite his attachment to a then-pregnant Kim Kardashian. Perhaps Iggy wanted to become as famous as Kim and so followed in her footsteps and getting a buttocks augmentation.


    Unlike Kim and some of the other women rumored to have had had a cosmetic buttocks enhancement procedure, including Coco and Nicki Minaj, Iggy is no longer proportionate. While other stars look to have had breast implants placed, or at least very full natural breasts, Iggy still looks to have natural breasts as they have a natural shape and none of the oversized roundness that breast implants have.


    If Iggy wants to balance her shape, she may want to consider getting breast implants placed. This way, her full bottom may appear less obvious and more proportionate with her upper body, making her curvy rather than bottom heavy.


    Other than her rapidly growing behind, Iggy seems to be plastic surgery free.