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  • There’s not much that Bebe Neuwirth hasn’t done. She’s appeared on stage, screen and television. And she’s also played every leading female role in the hit Broadway show, Chicago. One thing she hasn’t done? Spent time under the knife for plastic surgery.

    55-year old Bebe Neuwirth began appearing in Chicago when she was in her 30s, starting as 1996 as the vampy Velma. She then had a hip replacement and returned to the stage and play as the hapless Roxie. Now, after a second hip replacement, Bebe is now playing Matron Mama Morton. Through it all, Bebe seems to have scarcely aged a day, let alone decades but it must be staying on her toes that keeps her young, as she says it isn’t plastic surgery.

    When she isn’t dancing up a storm, Bebe spends time on the small screen, including having a regular a gig on the television show Blue Bloods, although Bebe’s most famous television role has to be as the stoic Lilith, first on Cheers and then it’s popular spinoff, Frasier.


    Still, when it comes to Bebe, apparently the first thing that people want to known isn’t what the actress has appeared in, it’s the state of her feet. Thanks to years of treading the boards, Bebe’s feet are in quite the state, covered in bunions.


    She explains to the New York Post, “My feet? They’re flat. But, oh! I was once in a tabloid — they loved the way I dressed, but there was a close-up of my feet in open-toed sandals, and I’ve got huge bunions. And their comment was, ‘Oh God, those awful feet! Put them away!’ [Laughing] And I’m like, ‘Wait, I’m proud of my bunions — they’re my battle scars! I’m not ashamed of them.’”


    A while back, Victoria Beckham was also mocked for her feet, which are covered in bunions because of the fancy high-heeled footwear she loves to wear. It was uncertain whether or not Victoria had surgery to help heal the pain or whether she would try injectable fillers as an off-label use to add some padding and allow her to more comfortably wear heels.


    While Bebe’s feet may not be ready for a close up, the actress certainly appears to be aging nicely. In most photos, she has the same clear porcelain skin, free of any marks or sun damage and remarkably free of any wrinkles as well. However, this must simply be an illusion as Bebe says that up close, she definitely has a roadmap of wrinkles across her face, which she wards off with luxury skincare products from Re’vive, rather than Botox.


    When asked her secret to appearing flawless, Bebe shared, “I was looping a scene from [the CBS series] “Blue Bloods” the other day and saw my face on the giant screen. I said to the guys, “No one could accuse me of using Botox!” I don’t sleep well — I don’t think any woman in her 50s sleeps well, and if she does, I want to know how! I do love RéVive skin care. The ladies at Bergdorf’s, their skin is so beautiful, and they all use this stuff. I’ve been using it for years.”