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  • After a fiery scene and public family drama between Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z and her sister Solange, speculation has been running wild as to the famous duo’s marital status. On the heels of announcing a joint tour between the music icons, comes rumors of troubles in paradise and the possibility that Beyonce is removing Jay-Z’s name from her body, courtesy of laser treatments.

    RadarOnline reports that Beyonce has had a meaningful tattoo removed from her ring finger, which is of special significance to the couple. It is the Roman numeral IV, which signifies both Jay-Z’s December 4th birthday as well as the couples April 4th anniversary.

    It is said that Beyonce began the laser treatments and now only traces of the tattoo removed.


    “To the public, Beyonce and Jay Z appear to have it all. But behind close doors, they’re not as happy as people think they are,” a source close to the hip hop artist told Radar.


    “Jay’s been telling his friends that Beyonce is getting her ring tattoo removed, the one they got when they were married. He just sorta shrugs it off though saying ‘Nothing is forever.’”


    Beyonce and Jay-Z have gotten some unwanted attention after a staffer, who has since been fired, of the Standard Hotel leaked a video of an altercation between Jay-Z and Solange, which took place in the hotel’s elevator.


    If Beyonce is getting her tattoo laser removed for any reason, she wouldn’t be the first star to have a tattoo she later regrets.


    After her divorce from Seal, Heidi Klum removed the singer’s name from her arm.

    When she had it done in 2008, she proudly told YoungHollywood.com, “The tattoo artist made the ink exactly in the color of my husband. He mixed the color for us, he tried it on [Seal's skin], and then he put it on my arm. And then I have three stars with the first initials of our children.”


    Tattoo removal is typically done with laser removal or chemical peels, both of which take multiple treatments to remove ink.


    Recently, Beyonce was spotted at the dermatology clinic in Los Angeles, where she ran in to Kim Kardashian.


    At the time, it was suspected that Beyonce was getting one of the clinic’s treatments, which include laser treatments, chemical peels and Botox injections done on her face, but perhaps she was actually getting her tattoo removed.


    In addition, it is also thought that Beyonce has had more than one nose job since her girl band Destiny’s Child, disbanded years ago. In fact, some believe that Beyonce has had as many as three nose jobs over the years, including one as recently as last year.


    Beyonce does look different than she used to and likely has had a nose job because her nose looks much narrower and has a more defined tip. Other changes in her appearance could be the result of different ways of wearing her makeup and just her different hairstyles that make her look earthy or glamorous with a veritable magic wand.