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  • It seems that the children’s toy Barbie is a frequent source of inspiration for women looking to go under the knife. Many women with oversized breast implants and obvious plastic surgery have been called Barbie, thanks to their uncanny resemblance to the classic doll. While women get plastic surgery and wear copious amounts of makeup to appear more plastic than flesh and blood, one woman is taking her transformation into a human doll one step further. Blondie Bennett says that after spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to look like Barbie, she is also getting hypnotherapy to act like an empty headed doll.

    38-year old Blondie Bennett is a former model from California. According to the Daily Mail, Blondie officially changed her name to Blondie a year and a half ago and is currently undergoing weekly hypnotherapy sessions to make her “brainless”; that is, more easily confused and vacant. Like a doll come to life?

    Apparently, Blondie’s physical transformation has been courtesy of plastic surgery. The tabloid reports that Blondie has already spent over $40,000 on five different breast augmentation procedures to take her bust to a size 32JJ.


    Currently, Blondie is apparently unemployed but has paid for her surgeries and sessions by getting money from “Sugar Daddies” that pay for photos of her dressed up as Barbie.


    In addition to the breast augmentation procedures, Blondie also gets regular spray tans as well as Botox injections and lip fillers to help her appear to be more plastic. Given the small and bizarre shape of her nose, Blondie also looks like she has had at least one drastic nose job over the years as well.


    According to Blondie, her obsession with Barbie began in childhood when she would play with the doll. Then, in her teens, she bleached her hair and drove a Corvette, just like Barbie. She would also take jobs at toy stores dressed up like Barbie.


    Since then, Blondie says she has been living a double life playing both herself and Barbie until 8 years ago when she decided to make her transformation into a plastic figure real. Last year she upped her H cup implants to JJ with 1700cc saline implants. And in December, she had liposuction on her chin in order to contour face to appear more like the heart-shaped toy’s face.


    According to Blondie, “Some other women pretend they are human Barbie dolls but I take it to the next level. I want people to see me as a plastic sex doll and being brainless is a big part of that. People can criticize me but this is who I am: I want my transformation to be head to toe, inside and out.”


    For Blondie, becoming Barbie inside and out has led her to have hypnotherapy sessions that make her dazed and confused. She reports that she has already had results as she was unable to locate her childhood home where her mother lives.


    Apparently Blondie never played with Dr. Barbie, who clearly does more than “shop and make herself look pretty,” if you take Barbie as more than just a toy.