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  • Do you ever wonder how Hollywood starlets always look so thin and sexy on the runway?  As they walk down the red carpet and pose in front of the cameras, these stars don’t show off a single ounce of flab, roll or extra pound on their bodies.  While plastic surgery may be the obvious answer to Hollywood’s sexy bodies, there is another secret for keeping those curvy bodies: body-slimming shapewear garments.

    Sometimes a girl just doesn’t have time to crash diet or work out in order to make a sexy public appearance and Hollywood is no different.  Shapewear garments have been used for decades and are much less expensive and time-consuming than plastic surgery or hiring a personal trainer.  From the days of Cleopatra to French corsets to the bombshell era of Marilyn Monroe, shapewear has been a lady’s best friend when it comes to cinching waists and reducing the appearance of rolls and belly fat.

    Here are four surprising celebrities who use shapewear to help look glam and sexy.

    Jennifer Lawrence

    When America’s favorite girl-next-door Jennifer Lawrence isn’t busy winning Oscars or tumbling on the runway, she admits her battles with body image and eating.  Lawrence, who has been criticized by mean-spirited tabloids and Twitter comments for not looking anorexic or svelte enough, revealed to Elle Magazine:

    “In Hollywood, I’m obese.  I’m considered a fat actress.”

    While Lawrence is far from obese and actually looks great in a bikini, shapewear has helped Lawrence shut up the naysayers and weight critics.  At a recent appearance at the Oscars, J. Law dazzled in a curve-hugging, floor-length Gucci gown.  Lawrence’s body, however, seemed mysteriously more cinched at the waist and her cleavage perkier than usual.  Lawrence’s secret weapon may have been using a shapewear garment such as a Slimming Thermal Weight Loss Latex Body Shaper – Model 2025 to help instantly lift her cleavage and flatten her stomach.  The benefits of

    Tyra Banks

    A former international supermodel may be the last person in the world who you would think uses shapewear, but the America’s Next Top Model hostess is actually a proud user.  The 5’10″ statuesque beauty ironically admits:

    “You put ‘em on, it sucks you up, baby.  No matter what red carpet, I got ‘em on.  I look like a granny before I put the dress on, but I put on the dress, and it’s like ‘palow!”

    Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba may be as famous for her looks and bikini body as she is for her acting, but the former Dark Angel actress admitted to feeling the baby blues both during and after her first pregnancy.

    “With my newborn daughter, I had a post-pregnancy depression.  I felt very fat.  I was obsessed with my weight; I was not happy.”

    Fortunately for Alba, shapewear garments saved the day.  Alba credited wearing a slimming double corset for helping slim down her waist and tone her tummy.

    “I wore a double corset day and night for three months,” she admitted.  “It was sweaty, but worth it.  It was brutal.  It’s not for everyone.”

    While Jessica Alba looks great after giving birth to two kids, the actress could have avoided pain and discomfort by instead using maternity shapewear such as the Annette Maternity Support Brief.  This maternity support brief provides both relief and comfort to pregnant women, while also helping maintain a comfortable, sleek appearance.

    Brad Pitt

    Shapewear isn’t for girls only!  Men can join in on the fun, too.  Too often, women in the spotlight are the only ones to be criticized or judged for their looks.  But even hunky male actors can feel the pressure to stay thin and maintain those sexy sixpack and pecs.

    Brad Pitt may be one of Hollywood’s hottest male stars and the object of millions of women’s affection, but now that the Legends of the Fall star is pushing 50, he has been rumored to be sporting shapewear garments to control his midsection.  Pitt may be using a garment such as Men’s Latex Slimming Abdominal Binder to help suck in that gut and keep those love handles in check.

    As men age into the middle-age years and beyond, it’s not uncommon for men to sprout a “beer belly” or “love rolls” where those lean abdominal muscles used to be.   Fortunately for Brad Pitt and other middle-aged men, men’s shapewear is available and promises a chiseled, muscular look that is unique from the curvy silhouette of women’s shapewear garments.

    Whether male or female, young or old, Hollywood celebrity or not, shapewear is a time-proven, cheap, quick and effective way to minimize those extra pounds of fat and help you look sexy once more.

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    1. Vanessa on June 12, 2014 7:53 am

      Dr Shahine did my surgery and I received phenomenal results he is the best body sculpting surgeon in the world. If any one whats a small waist line and awesome curves I will definitely recommend Dr. Shahine.

    2. Lisa Hayden on December 15, 2014 9:14 pm

      I love Jessica Alba. I think she is look absolutely stunning in whatever she wears. But that’s a news that she also wear body shapewears.

    3. Richard on May 27, 2015 2:02 am

      I love the supermodel Tyra Banks, she is one of the hotest model. Every women like to use shapewear and Tyra Banks loves wearing shapewear products too.

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