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  • Britney Spears is taking a break from her residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas where she performs her show. The pop star showed off her figure in Southern California where she was spotted sporting shorts and a cropped strappy tank while she investigated pamphlets describing Zerona laser treatments.

    Although 32-year old Britney Spears has struggled with her weight in the past, especially after having kids, she is looking good these days.

    In an interview with Shape magazine, Britney explained, “Dieting is tough… because my specialties are spaghetti, brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I try not to make those too often or I’ll eat the whole bowl of dough.”


    “I’m doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week in addition to lots of cardio – hour-long sessions three times a week with my trainer, Tony Martinez.”


    “I like it, then again, I hate it. I’m in my 30s now, so I have to work harder to keep it up.”


    It looks like Britney may be considering some additional help from laser treatments while she is on hiatus from her show. Boldly carrying Zerona pamphlets through a Starbucks parking lot, Britney didn’t look like she had a muffin top or thick thighs that could benefit from laser treatments, but the pop star may be considering the procedures to perfect her already lean physique. Zerona is a non invasive laser treatment that helps melt fat cells from problem areas, including the stomach and thighs.


    Because Britney has admitted to using non invasive plastic surgery treatments in the past, Zerona may be more within her comfort zone than traditional liposuction. It also carries fewer risks of problems.


    In an interview with InStyle magazine from last year, Britney finally confirmed rumors of trying plastic surgery, including getting lip augmentation and unnamed “fun stuff.”


    “A doctor I see, [Beverly Hills plastic surgeon] Dr. [Raj] Kanodia, does fun stuff to me sometimes–I’ve had lip injections before.”


    In the past, Britney has been more private about whether or not she has had plastic surgery but she seems to be getting more open about at least some procedures—admitting to lip injections and carrying around plastic surgery pamphlets in full view of the paparazzi.


    Since the onset of her career, Britney has been plagued by rumors of breast augmentation, due to her seemingly fluctuating bra size. Then an implant removal, followed by a breast augmentation with a smaller implant size. It is anyone’s guess what size she is at now.


    Following the birth of her sons, Britney was rumored to have undergone a mommy makeover along with her C-section in order to have her famously toned tummy back in action and onstage as soon as possible.


    And Zerona may only be Britney’s latest foray into noninvasive liposuction. Even before motherhood, it was rumored from time to time that Britney had undergone liposuction or some form of liposuction, including lipodissolve treatments.


    Britney is looking healthy and happy and may feel that Zerona will help her look even better in her stage costumes.