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  • Britney Spears isn’t happy with her current body image and is talking about overhauling it with some hardcore diet and exercise—but reportedly no plastic surgery this time around.

    RadarOnline reports that Britney Spears feels she is “desperately in need of a physical re-invention” through diet and exercise.

    “Britney wants to get in much better shape because she hates the way she looks when she’s on TV,” the source said.

    Apparently Britney has been down on herself since spending one season hosting the American version of X Factor back in 2012.


    “She’s still bugged by the body issues and now is determined to get as fit as an Olympic athlete.”


    She also wants to get her kids in on the action as well, according to the source.


    The junk food loving children will also be “involved in some kind of daily exercise practice as well.”


    The source went on to confirm that like other pop stars, weight loss companies have offered to help Britney lose weight in exchange for being a spokesperson but “Britney’s turned them down so far while she plans to get in shape privately.”


    Despite Britney’s fitness goals, there is a lot of doubt that she will ever achieve them.


    “She wants to become a ‘fit mama’, but there’s some healthy skepticism on the part of her personal team that she can actually pull off what she’s talking about,” the source said.

    “People would love to see her run in a marathon but does anybody think she can actually finish one? No.”


    In the past, when Britney has needed to drop a few pounds or smooth out some bulges, rumor has it that she has used liposuction or liposuction-like procedures such as lasers and lipodisolve to battle the bulge, in addition to upping her usual dance routine.


    After having kids, Britney was rumored to have undergone a mommy makeover along with her C-section in order to have her famously toned tummy back in action and onstage as soon as possible.


    And throughout her career, her fluctuating breast size is rumored to be the result of breast augmentation. Then an implant removal, followed by a breast augmentation with a smaller implant size. It is anyone’s guess what size she is at now.


    Britney has never admitted to having any body contouring procedures, however she did recently admit to lip injections and “fun stuff.”


    In the inside interview of an issue of InStyle magazine, Britney reveals, “A doctor I see, [Beverly Hills plastic surgeon] Dr. [Raj] Kanodia, does fun stuff to me sometimes–I’ve had lip injections before.”


    While Britney only refers to lip injections in the interview (likely through the use of Restylane or Juvederm), her offhand way of talking about the process indicates that she has probably had some other “fun stuff” as well.

    Although she is relatively young, Britney has had a rough few years. To make sure that her face never reveals a thing, Britney may have had some Botox placed, so that whether she is being confronted by paparazzi or her ex on their kids’ soccer field, her expression always remains smooth and serene.


    Dr. Kanodia may also occasionally perform some other procedures on Britney as well, including chemical peels, laser treatments or other skincare regimens designed to offset the effects of Britney’s notoriously poor diet of Cheetos and Starbucks