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  • Celebrity Big Brother contestant Casey Batchelor hasn’t quit her day job as a British glamour model. But she is planning to having a breast reduction in the near future, she shares on her blog for the Daily Star.

    29-year old Casey Batchelor has risen to fame as a glamour model sporting breasts that fluctuate in size from an FF to GG. Unlike many in her profession, Casey’s breasts are natural and have consumed much of her life since the age of 12. Which is why she has opted to go under the knife in order to have them downsized to a more manageable but still large EE.

    In her column for the Daily Star, Casey explains that despite making her career around her physical appearance, her breasts have actually made her feel insecure over the years.


    “I am actually having a reduction (don’t worry male fans, only a couple of cup sizes smaller, nothing too drastic).”


    “What people may not realise is that everyone has insecurities, whether it be Joe Bloggs down the road or your world-famous supermodel.”


    “And so despite a confident smile and self-assured pose on the red carpet or in a photoshoot, I do have insecurities too. For me, my boobs have always been a huge insecurity.”


    According to Casey, her insecurity about her breasts stem from childhood, when she was bullied and made fun of for having a large chest at the tender age of 12. She says that although she smiles on the red carpet and displays her ample cleavage in the pages of men’s magazines as an adult, she still feels insecure about her breast size.


    “Maybe because I was always so much bigger than the other girls growing up. And maybe because I was bullied for having them. But yes, my boobs are MY insecurity.”

    “You might say I’m a model and use my boobs for my work, which is true, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t be insecure about them and being surrounded by girls who have perfectly-formed smaller breasts or girls implants so their chests sit there all perky, made me even more insecure.”


    Casey says that at age 12 she was already a DD and they just became bigger from there. Currently on a “health kick” Casey is at her slimmest and her breasts are still a very large FF.


    Although Casey acknowledges having a great history and career with her breasts, she fears that turning 30 will have a negative impact on her chest as gravity begins to take a toll.


    Casey appears to have spent some time considering what size she would like to be after the procedure takes place. She explains in her article that because she is known for having very large breasts she would like to downsize to the neighborhood of a size EE cup. She also explains that she has done her research on the procedure and has found a surgeon that she is comfortable with to perform her breast reduction.


    Once the procedure is completed, Casey is looking forward to wearing backless dresses and suffering from less back pain and hearing fewer “nasty” comments.