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  • Another year older, another year wiser? It seems that as Christie Brinkley is getting close to 60, she has had new thoughts when it comes to plastic surgery. The stunning supermodel is still renowned for her amazing beauty, but says that her thoughts have changed when it comes to going under the knife in the future.

    Christie Brinkley will turn 60 this weekend and the Sports Illustrated Cover Girl says that growing older has changed her philosophy on plastic surgery. In the past, Christie has adamantly denied that she would go under the knife to preserve her looks, but now RadarOnline says that she told People magazine that she was asked about “plastic surgery in my 40s and I said ‘Never!’ Now at 60, I’d never say never.”

    Along with eating a healthy vegetarian diet since being a teenager and being diligent about exercising, Christie also admitted that she is always looking for other ways to stay young looking as well, including visiting a dermatologist for regular facials.

    “I also think there are so many other non-invasive choices that address sagging, wrinkling and discoloration.  I go to my dermatologist about once a month and get special facials.  I like modern-technology stuff.”

    Christie probably gets chemical peels and laser treatments which can help get rid of sunspots and fine lines, which are common signs of aging. Laser treatments can also help tighten up skin and sonic treatments are also sometimes used. In addition, she may also use Botox and fillers, which are considered noninvasive forms of plastic surgery, although they do require needles.

    As part of her usual fitness routine, Christie does SoulCycle and yoga, although she does admit to feeling her age at times.

    “I do feel older when my hips act up.”

    Aches and pains aside, Christie says she is looking forward to turning the big 6-0.

    “I’m actually excited about turning 60. I feel such a surge of energy,” she told the magazine.

    “I don’t believe in allowing my age to define me. And I really believe attitude plays a huge part in how you feel.”

    While Christie may be claiming to change her mind now that she is getting older and wiser, there have been rumors for years that plastic surgery is the real secret to her ever youthful looks.

    When Christie briefly appeared in Chicago on Broadway, bloggers picked up on the disparity between her face and hands, a giveaway of her age and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in the form of a facelift and a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to get rid of eye bags, a mini necklift to get rid of the appearance of sagging jowls and may also use fillers like Restylane and Juvederm to stay looking firm and plump in the cheeks department. In addition she may have CoolTouch, Active FX or Fraxel laser treatments help minimize fine lines and facial blemishes and reduce the effects of sun damage.