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  • Ellen DeGeneres is always fun and peppy and looks like she feels great. And although she’s not exactly known for her classic beauty, she looks great for a woman over 50. Over the years, it has been rumored that Ellen stays looking good with plastic surgery, especially before any big events. With her upcoming gig as the host of next year’s Academy Awards, some are saying that Ellen is getting ready to put out as much as $50,000 to look good.

    While dancing may be Ellen’s secret to staying young at heart, apparently plastic surgery is the secret to her status as a Cover Girl. Ellen wears only minimal makeup and seems pretty low key when it comes to her beauty routine, but in the past it seems that she has been under the knife for several procedures to keep her looking good, but never “done.” If the stories are true, then Ellen has had a brow lift, laser peel, neck lift, and Botox and a facelift as well.

    If Ellen has done anything as dramatic as all that, she likely had it done over numerous years, so that the changes are subtle and keep her looking natural. Apparently Ellen wants to continue looking good but the price is high. One Los Angeles surgeon told Showbizspy.com that a full facial makeover could run Ellen a tab of up to $50,000 for a facelift that would tighten up her jowls and chin and creases in her face. The recovery for that could take up to three weeks and cost $25,000 alone.

    If Ellen really wants to go all out, the surgeon also recommends a $5,000 browlift to help reduce wrinkles in her forehead and reposition her eyebrows at a more youthful angle. The browlift also comes with a three week minimal recovery.

    On top of that, the surgeon also recommends eyelid surgery, on both Ellen’s upper and lower eyedlids to reduce sagging and bagging. Again, the cost would be around $5,000 and have a recovery period of two weeks.

    It sounds like a lot of surgery all at once for a woman who is going for a natural look. Maybe there are some non-surgical options that Ellen could explore. Or she take a page from her wife, Portia di Rossi’s book and try chemical peels, Botox and fillers first.

    There are also treatments that Ellen can try in the privacy of her own home, starting with a ProSonic cleansing device to reduce signs of aging such as fine lines. A ProSonic also helps products to penetrate the skin more deeply to make them more effective. So rather than a facelift, she could switch up her beauty regimen to include a more effective skincare product. She could also explore using at-home treatment devices, like a miconeedle roller to help boost collagen production.

    Or maybe, Ellen could just rely on television magic, a great makeup team and maybe a touchup and highlight on her pixie haircut.