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  • Gwen Stefani’s style is ever changing and some believe that her face may be as well. Partially as a result of aging and partially as a result of fighting the tides of time with a little plastic surgery.

    44-year old Gwen Stefani is no doubt one of the best dressed women in music, changing her style over the years while still maintaining a connection to her SoCal roots. Just as her style has changed slightly over the years, her face has too, which could be the result of some judicious plastic surgery.

    While Gwen hasn’t openly admitted to plastic surgery or even gone overboard so that she looks unrecognizable from her early days, she does appear to have had some judicious non invasive procedures to help maintain her flawless complexion, including some Botox in her forehead and between her brows as well as some fillers in her lips, probably to make her signature red lips look even more stunning. She probably also has tried some sort of laser treatment to give her skin an overall tighter appearance.


    Plastic surgeon tells Popdust that he believes that Gwen has gone in for a few tweaks over the years, which is why she is able to look so good but slightly different.


    “Gwen looks great! I suspect that she’s had the assistance of a plastic surgeon to look so good,” Dr. Youn says.

    “She appears to have had Botox injections into her forehead to smooth it and arch her brows. I also suspect that she may have Juvederm Voluma injections into her cheeks to plump them up. Her skin is smooth and flawless, similar to what I’ve seen after skin tightening treatments such as Fractora.

    “Overall though, I have No Doubt she looks amazing!”


    Although Gwen is well known for her amazing style and flawless makeup, this isn’t the first time that she has been suspected of having plastic surgery since coming on to the music scene back in 1988. The platinum blonde showed up at the Teen Choice Awards a few years back rocking fuller than usual lips, which means that she has been doing some type of lip augmentation for a while. It could be that Gwen is trying to find the filler that gives her the results that she likes the best.


    On occasion, Gwen is also thought to have had breast augmentation as she looks to be filling out bikini tops and crop tops more than she used to. It is possible that Gwen has had very small implants placed, but it is more likely that she has filled out over the years, or taken advantage of motherhood to showcase her cleavage after she has had her last baby.


    Before finding fame, it is also possible that Gwen had a slight rhinoplasty. Early photos of a young Gwen show a slightly wider nasal tip, which Gwen may have had made more narrow with a nose job. Or maybe the singer just grew into her nose or learned to use makeup to help narrow it.