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  • Jasmine Waltz is probably best known for being actor David Arquette’s former girlfriend. She has the unusual distinction of being the first woman he slept with after his split from wife Courteney Cox, although she is not his current baby mama. Jasmine’s other distinction is that she once punched Lindsay Lohan in some sort of murky altercation. Currently, Jasmine is taking part in Britain’s popular Celebrity Big Brother house, where she is revealing a lot about herself, including plastic surgery.

    Although 31-year old Jasmine Waltz bears a passing resemblance to both Courteney Cox and Megan Fox, thanks to her signature long dark hair. However, new evidence dug up by The Mirror shows that this wasn’t always the case. An old mug shot of Jasmine shows that the would-be actress not only has a very troubled past, but also has had plastic surgery.

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    According to her IMDB page, Jasmine had a less than ideal childhood. After her father committed suicide, Jasmine spent a lot of time in group homes and shelters and eventually ended up in an all girl’s maximum security school. Once she was 18, Jasmine traveled all over the country and eventually ended up in Hollywood, where she clearly caught the eye of a few people.

    However, in 2000 she ended up being arrested for marijuana and The Mirror has revealed a mug shot of Jasmine looking very different than her usual raven-haired vixen self.

    To transform herself from a pretty dark blonde into a dark haired beauty, Jasmine did more than just a bottle of hair dye. She also learned how to use makeup to fill in her sparse eyebrows and accentuate her deep blue eyes. The proper use of makeup has helped Jasmine to transform herself, without so much as a nose job, although the makeup helps make her nose look significantly less round.

    It does look like Jasmine may use some plastic surgery however. Her skin is much the same as it was back at the age of 20, and possibly better. This means that Jasmine probably uses Botox and injectable fillers like Juvederm so that her face is smooth. The clarity of her skin may be the use of better skincare products, as well as devices like the ProSonic which help get a deep clean into pores to eliminate the dirt and oil that cause acne.

    Early on the current Celebrity Big Brother season, Jasmine had the unlikely honor of being the first person in the house to show too much skin, by flashing a breast. Not only did Jasmine reveal too much, leading viewers on Twitter to call her harsh names, but she also revealed rather perfect breasts, which seem to be obvious breast implants.

    No matter what position she finds herself in, Jasmine’s breasts remain in the same position, a little too high, a little to round and a little too perfect, making them look obviously fake. Jasmine is pretty thin and her full implants look out of place. Hopefully Jasmine will straighten out her personality and her breast implants before getting kicked off the show.