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  • Jeff Lewis is known for being one of the country’s most successful real estate flippers before the market turned and he began working more in the interior design arena. But his unusual appearance on his popular reality show Flipping Out indicates that he doesn’t just alter the look of houses, he also works on his own face, courtesy of plastic surgery.

    While Jeff has admitted to making as much as $1 million on a single house flip, he is also known for his sometimes fiery temper and his great attention to detail. In between filming his television show, Jeff probably spends his time in a plastic surgeon’s office, as he is well known for his unique and rather plastic-looking appearance.

    44-year old Jeff Lewis has obviously full lips, which appear to be the result of fillers. In an interview with Out magazine, Jeff explains that his lips are naturally full and that he used a permanent filler to enhance them even more.


    According to Jeff, “I’ve always had big, full lips. But about 10 years ago, I did permanent filler. It was supposed to be permanent, but it ended up dissipating. Most of it’s gone, except for a little bit in my upper lip. I don’t want to do it again. I did it during an insecure phase in my life. I’ve actually thought about taking out the little bit left in the upper lip, but it would be too much trouble. “


    In addition to having lip fillers to make his lips noticeably luscious, Jeff has also admitted to getting Botox injections. Jeff’s forehead is very smooth so he probably gets Botox injections on a regular basis and may also use chemical peels or laser treatments to keep his skin looking smooth and young and fresh and less damaged than his chronological age.


    While some have also speculated that Jeff’s hair is the result of a toupee or hair plugs, he laughs off rumors that his hair is anything but his, saying, “It may look like doll hair, but it’s real! I’m not wearing a toupée!”


    If Jeff is suffering from hair loss, he would be far from the only male star to use a hairpiece to cover it up. Despite having had thinning hair for years, John Travolta has yet to have a plastic surgery hair restoration procedure to improve the situation. Instead, he alternates between shaving his head for film roles and sporting various hairpieces and wigs.


    Jeff may just have an unusual hair texture and a very low hairline, giving the impression that his hair is a piece or a wig, rather than his natural growth.


    Currently in the seventh season of the show, Flipping Out focuses on the ongoing adventures of Jeff Lewis and his trusty assistant Jenni Pulos as they continue to make beautiful designs while dealing with their busy personal lives.


    Thanks to his proudly plastic appearance and his bold personality, it’s easy to see why the show remains so popular.