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  • You may not know her face, but Jen Selter’s rear end is quickly taking over the world, as the young New Yorker’s butt has gained a Twitter of 1.3 million. It could be that Jen Selter’s rear end is destined to become more famous than either Pippa Middleton’s or Kim Kardashian’s.

    20-year old Jen Selter didn’t go to college, but that hasn’t stopped her from reaching her goals. Even though she focuses on belfies (that’s butt selfies, FYI), according to Selter, she still get recognized everywhere she goes.

    After high school, Selter took a few cosmetology classes, worked in plastic surgeon’s office and a gym and began working out. Then she began posting photos of herself working out. And that’s when she began to hit it big.

    The more she worked out, the more her butt began to grow. Selter started posting workout selfies on Instagram in March 2012 and noticed that her photos were being reposted. After requesting that she be tagged, her following began to grow by 200,000 a month. Once she had 500,000 followers, she quit her gym job and began posting workout selfies full time.

    “I’m very proud of her because this is a girl who didn’t want to go to college, and she was able to build up this social media in such a way that she has become famous and she is an inspiration and motivation for so many people,” says Ms Selter’s mother, Jill Weinstein, who only asks that her daughter doesn’t end up in Playboy.

    “We can’t even get down the street without people stopping us and saying, ‘Oh my God, is that Selter Selter? Can we take a picture?’”

    With her added popularity also comes some accusations of plastic surgery as well, but according to Selter, she is totally natural below the neck. And she has a positive attitude for all the disbelivers as well.

    “I’ve seen fake butts, and they’re very nice,” says Selter. “They look nothing like mine. I see it as a compliment.”

    “My body’s all real . . . from boobs down,” adds Selter. She was profiled about her high school nose job in an April 2010 People magazine article about teenagers going under the knife.

    “I grew up in Long Island. I’m Jewish. Jewish girls have big noses,” she says. “Probably one out of three girls I know [has] a nose job.”

    Not that her nose really matters, as fans rarely get a look at her face.

    “I don’t really post a lot of face pictures,” admits Selter, whose handle is @Selterselter.

    “I mainly do body selfies. Not that I care what people think, but they don’t care. They don’t want to see my face,” she says.

    Selter also takes pride in keeping her photos classy, explaining that posing in workout positions mid-exercise are not pornographic.

    “I’ll never post a raunchy pic. There’s a difference between a porn-site picture and gym wear or bikini wear. Everything’s usually yoga pants,” says Selter.

    Selter owns 150 pairs of yoga pants and hopes to launch her own line someday, as everyone wants to know what kind she is sporting in any given photo. In addition, she also has deals with New York water company NY20 and nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition.