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  • Jessica Simpson has dropped some major pounds with the help of Weight Watchers. The mother of two looks great and her muscular legs are now a major focus. Yet the National Enquirer reports that Jessica isn’t satisfied and isn’t done transforming her body quite yet. It seems that along with her weight loss, Jessica lost her booty and is hoping to get it back with some plastic surgery buttocks augmentation, as she wants her rear end to be as spectacularly noticeable as Kim Kardashian’s.

    34-year old Jessica Simpson lost around 50 pounds from her small frame after having two kids in a row. Now sources are telling the Enquirer that Jessica wants to fill up her rear end and is willing to undergo plastic surgery to do so.

    “Jessica has always felt competitive with Kim, but since she got her figure back it’s gone up another level,” said one insider.

    “She’s been poring over photos of Kim’s butt for weeks, 
studying it from as many angles as she can.

    “But Jess realizes there’s no way she could get a sexy booty like Kim’s with just exercise.

    “So she’s been looking into fillers and various butt lift options to see which procedure will give her the same shape.”


    Apparently the new moms have bonded over their desire to lose baby weight, although Jessica has been much more successful. Kim has reportedly asked Jessica for some advice on how to lose the last pounds. The source goes on to say that while the two famous mothers are cordial to each other, privately they are very jealous of one another’s fashion and beauty empires.


    Jessica rose to fame when she worked out to fit into her Daisy Dukes to play Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard back in 2005. It seems that she is considering the best ways to once again be famous for her figure.


    And while Jessica is open to plastic surgery to enhance her rear end, it seems that she is considering other options first.


    “She’s checking out all other options first before going under the knife,” said the first source. 
“But Jessica wants people to be talking about her booty before the end of the year.”


    Other options might include sporting padded underwear that gives the temporary appearance of having a fuller backside, similar to a padded bra. Certain exercises can also help boost the muscles in that area, to help build up a bigger butt.


    However, if Jessica does opt for a buttlift or fat grafting, she may be getting closer to Kim than she realized. Mrs. West has long been rumored to have had both buttocks and breast augmentation during her first marriage, although she regularly denies such rumors. More recently, it is suspected that Kim has had a nose job and has been using fillers in her face to get the dolllike look that she seems to prefer. Jessica has also used lip fillers in the past, but has said that she didn’t like the way they looked.