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  • Jessica Simpson seems to have put having babies on hold, at least for now, as she finally begins her long awaited weight loss contract with Weight Watchers. As she tours to promote the program and show off her slimmer physique, Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but notice that while her body looks smaller, her lips look thicker. Could Jessica be trying lip augmentation again?

    Weight Watchers had hired Jessica Simpson as a celebrity spokesperson a few years back. Shortly after, she became pregnant on the heels of having her first child. Rather than cancel the contract, Weight Watchers simply put Jessica’s latest money maker on hold. Now that Jessica seems to be finished having kids, she is busy dropping the pounds as quickly as possible, and promoting the company on every possible outlet.

    At a recent appearance on Good Morning America to discuss her weight loss through the Weight Watchers program, Jessica looked every bit the California girl: bleached blond locks and too much fake tanner. A bronzer or self-tanner product can help achieve a safe tan glow, but overdoing it or not exfoliating properly beforehand can lead to George Hamilton-looking results, as Jessica found out the hard way. To top it off, she was sporting a pale shade of lipstick that just accentuated the bad tanner job and seemed to indicate that she may once again be using lip fillers to plump her pout.

    A few years ago, Jessica was spotted with duck lips, which she later admitted were a beauty experiment gone wrong, a result of too much filler. Jessica swore off the fillers and since then looks to be relatively natural, even if her makeup team does occasionally overdo the cosmetics. But the recent look of her lips seems to indicate that Jessica may have tried lip fillers again, with no better results than the first time. Or maybe its just a particularly unflattering shade of lipstick?

    Over the years, Jessica has found herself at the center of many a plastic surgery rumor. When she first became popular and then super popular thanks to her reality show with ex-husband Nick Lachey, it was suspected that Jessica had gotten breast implants. The rumors were reignited when Jessica admitted to needing to wear multiple sports bras for exercise.

    And then, when she gained a lot of weight a few years ago, it was rumored that Jessica was considering having breast reduction to reduce her DDs. However, Jessica quickly put those rumors to rest with a Tweet about how happy she is with the size of her chest.

    Before her second pregnancy was announced and just after her weight loss endorsement was made public, there were rumors that Jessica had undergone weight loss plastic surgery procedures in order to fulfill her deal. However, the quick second pregnancy quickly put those rumors to rest as well, because Jessica wouldn’t have had time for a full plastic surgery recovery in between pregnancies.

    Jessica is looking better than she has for a while, so her Weight Watchers program is clearly working for her, after all, money is a great motivator.