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  • Jessica Simpson has been touting her weight loss as the result of Weight Watchers. But it looks like Jessica has dropped all her baby weight and then some and is now confident enough to show the results in a bathing suit. While working out and using the Weight Watchers plan obviously helped, a little plastic surgery may have also been behind the scenes of Jessica’s awkward photo shoot.

    Weight Watchers had hired Jessica Simpson as a celebrity spokesperson a few years back. Shortly after, she became pregnant on the heels of having her first child. Rather than cancel the contract, Weight Watchers simply put Jessica’s latest money maker on hold. Now that Jessica seems to be finished having kids, she is busy dropping the pounds as quickly as possible, and promoting the company on every possible outlet. According to Jessica, she has reached her weight loss goals and is now ready to head down the aisle. After dropping a lot of weight, some people use plastic surgery to tighten and tuck anything that didn’t go away with diet and exercise.


    Jessica got down to her pre baby weight pretty quickly, thanks to having a celebrity schedule of personal trainers and chefs to make sure that she stuck to her diet and exercise plan. Dropping weight quickly frequently results in loose skin and many women develop stretch marks after giving birth and may also have trouble spots and bulges that don’t go away with diet and exercise alone.


    Looking at photos of Jessica sporting bathing suit with cutouts and using a golf club as a prop, it doesn’t look as though the mother of two has any flaws. While the cut of the bathing suit could be hiding unsightly stretch marks, it could also be hiding the tiny scars that are the result of microliposuction procedures.


    Given Jessica’s celebrity status, it is likely that she would use laser treatments to help lessen the appearance of stretchmarks as well as liposuction or laser lipo procedures to get rid of trouble spots.

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    In the photo, it seems that the only cosmetic Jessica is using is a subtle fake tanner, which helps to accentuate her muscular legs as well as hide any flaws, similar to makeup. However, if Jessica wanted to more aggressively treat any side effects of motherhood, cosmetic treatments would likely be her go-to.


    Jessica has been open about her Weight Watchers journey and endorsement deal but some people feel that she is hiding some plastic surgery treatments and feel that she would be even more popular with new moms if she shared all of her post motherhood secrets to losing weight and looking flawless.


    Reality star Kim Kardashian gets a lot of flack for having too much plastic surgery, but after her daughter North was born, Kim underwent laser treatments to treat her new stretchmarks on her reality show.


    Whatever is behind Jessica’s smooth skin, fans hope that she eventually reveals her secrets.