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  • Model turned musclewoman Jodie Marsh is a famous example of the prevalence of plastic surgery in striving to look ever better and stand out more. However, the outspoken Brit is now saying that too much plastic surgery is the fault of doctors, not patients seeking the procedures.

    After a report by Great Britain’s Department of Health calling for a crackdown on plastic surgery and blaming reality shows like The Only Way Is Essex aka TOWIE) for influencing fans to go under the knife for poor results, Jodie Marsh decided to speak out in defense of reality stars.

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    33-year old Jodie Marsh is well known for her oversized breast implants (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jodie Marsh’s plastic surgery).

    “It’s a generalisation to say Reality stars are to blame – we’re not the ones holding the scalpel. I’ve always said you should never take surgery lightly – think about it long and hard, because it’s not about what celebrity had what operation, it’s about you and your body,” Jodie says of the report’s findings to heatworld.com.

    Jodie does agree that cosmetic surgery needs to be regulated, but says that patients also need to educate themselves.

    “I wouldn’t tell [anyone] whether to do it or not, but I would say make sure you go for a consultation. Make sure you ask every question you can think of and make sure you they guarantee an appropriate level of aftercare.”

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Jodie Marsh on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery.


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