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  • There is no doubt that Kanye West is Kim Kardashian’s biggest fan. The rapper/entrepreneur is constantly campaigning for Kim to be included in areas that usually preclude reality stars—from Stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to Vogue Magazine. Even when Kim is over sharing some very revealing photos of her post-baby body, Kanye cheers her on—whether or not the photos are actually flattering is another. He’s even stated that he and Kim are more influential than the First Couple! However, there is apparently one part of Kim Kardashian’s life that Kanye is not a fan of—her penchant for plastic surgery.

    Kim Kardashian comes from a family that celebrates plastic surgery, whether it is her stepdad, Bruce Jenner’s facelifts, her momager, Kris Jenner’s facelifts and breast implants or her big sister, Kourtney’s breast implants. On the family reality show, the Kardashians are constantly in and out of the dermatologist and plastic surgeon’s offices, for everything from laser treatments to Botox. Although Kim has said that she no longer uses Botox after a bad reaction, it seems that she still uses some plastic surgery items, such as lip fillers, as does her mother.

    Earlier this year it was revealed that while Kim may be telling the truth about not having had butt implants placed, she may have had a buttocks augmentation use fat injections. Once she gained weight during her pregnancy, her buttocks also ballooned up, as did her “pregnancy lips.” Maybe they were the result of fat injections as well?

    Kanye doesn’t like having his Baby Mama having procedures, especially so many of them because he lost his own mother to a plastic surgery disaster. Kanye’s mom, Donde West died a few years ago as a result of complications from a routine liposuction.

    Although Kim has never said that she has used plastic surgery, her looks have changed considerably over the years and her face is currently set into a permanent position. However, she could just be mugging for the camera, not necessarily suffering from too much Botox.

    Kim clearly enjoys changing up her look and recently went blonde and also seems to be easing up on the heavy high makeup these days. Maybe Kim could continue to use makeup to change her look. Perhaps a plum lipstick rather than the sticky-looking gloss she seems to prefer. Even a little color on her eyes could help her look a little more refreshed than the smoky eyes she wears for both day and night.

    Another way Kim could transform without plastic surgery is with a wardrobe overhaul. Rather than stuffing her curves into body-hugging dresses and pants, she could go for something a little more forgiving.

    Since giving birth, Kim has begun to flaunt her weight loss, wearing the same skimpy and oftentimes unflattering ensembles that helped her rise to fame. She may not be landing the cover of Vogue anytime soon, but the new mom is expanding her fashion empire with a line of clothing for infants and children.