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  • Kris and Bruce Jenner may be headed for Splittsville but the one thing that still seems to be uniting the family is plastic surgery. With a recent Instagram selfie, it looks like Kendall Jenner may have joined in the family fun with a little plastic surgery just ahead of her 18th birthday.

    Just before turning 18 on November 3, Kendall Jenner posted a photo of herself on Instagram, sporting a very pink and very large pout. Because her big sisters and her mother frequently get photographed after lip augmentation, many immediately thought the young model may have had her lips enhanced.

    As a young model beginning her career, many were concerned that Hollywood’s reach for perfection had reached a new young age.

    Celebrity psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser tells FoxNews.com, “As a teenager your identity is developing and so if you start getting this work done now it becomes part of who you are. You grow up thinking you need to enhance, alter or change your looks in order to be attractive,” she explained. “I always say that kids learn what they live. Kendall learned that focus on appearance is critical so it makes sense that she would already be trying to enhance or alter what she looks like.”

    Other plastic surgeons weighed in on Kendall’s new look saying that many teenagers that have very thin lips will turn to plastic surgery and use a little filler such as Restylane to give their lips a hint of plumpness.

    On the other hand, some experts seem to think that Kendall didn’t use any plastic surgery at all to boost her pout and instead used cosmetics to make her lips appear fuller, which would be more age appropriate.

    Given that the Kardashians love makeup and plastic surgery, it seems that Kendall’s enhancements could go either way. However, knowing that she is already a model for great lips probably is a sign that she just played with makeup, rather than plastic surgery.

    As some experts view Kendall as a role model for young girls to look up to, it seems that most parents would hope that they just need to buy a new lipstick, not a plastic surgery treatment. And some beauty experts have indicated that just finding the right lip product can achieve Kendall’s perfect pink pout, no needles needed.

    If you want to get a look similar to Kendall’s then just follow these tips. Keep the rest of your look subtle, with just a little mascara and bronzer or blush. If you have thin lips, then you may want to use a lip plumper to help enhance them, at least temporarily. Then using a light pink lip gloss like Nars lip gloss in Pillow Talk, simply swipe on a little or a lot, depending on how closely you want to mimic Kendall’s full sheen, then purse, pout and you’re ready for your own selfie!

    As an alternative, or to play with the pale pink lip, choose a pink lipstick and then swipe on a clear gloss.