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  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is no stranger to plastic surgery and it seems that she is considering a permanent lip augmentation next. To find out more about the procedure, she went to former costar Taylor Armstrong, known for her tragic past and her permanent trout pout.

    In a clip from the RHOBH Season 4 “Secrets Revealed” episode, Kim and Taylor head to a beauty store, where Kim reveals that she is considering lip augmentation and asks Taylor what it’s like.

    “How would you make your lips a little bit bigger?” Kim asked.


    Taylor then explains that instead of lip fillers, which wear off eventually, she has silicone tubes in her lips.


    “Do you feel it in your lips?” Kim asked and also wondered whether it affected Taylor’s ability to suck on things.


    “When I suck on things?” she replied. “I’ve never had any complaints there.”


    All questions aside, Kim readily admitted to having made fun of Taylor’s “blowfish” lips in the past.


    “Since I was naughty and made fun of Taylor’s duck lips, for sure my karma is going be, I’m going do lips, and they’re going to end up like that,” Kim jokes, pouting her lips to look huge.


    If Kim does opt for a lip augmentation, it won’t be her first time under the knife.


    Kim Richards went for a nose surgery to correct a small imperfection on her nose that had been bothering her and allowed Bravo’s cameras to follow her during the surgery and the consequential nose job recovery and celebratory party. And like many of the other housewives, she has breast implants and also took advantage of treatments by costar Dr. Paul Nassif, although he apparently did not perform her nose job.


    According to Radar Online, Kim’s new nose was paid for by Bravo, and the network also wrote the storyline. Kim isn’t as wealthy as the other housewives and probably wouldn’t be able to take on the cost of plastic surgery on her own.


    “Kim doesn’t have an assistant or a houseman, she can’t afford that, let alone plastic surgery,” the source says. “So the story line was created for her and Bravo footed the bill.”

    “She went to the same doctor that did Kyle’s oldest daughter Farrah’s nose job, she recommended him to Kim!”


    No word on whether or not Kim will actually get lip implants, she may want to start with temporary fillers first to see if she likes herself with an oversized pout. If she does go under the knife, she will probably allow Bravo cameras in to film the procedure and the network may even shell out for the surgery.


    And although the recently married Taylor is no longer a regular castmate on the show, she does make the occasional appearance and while she may be best known for her lip implants, she has also admitted to getting Botox injections as well as breast implants in the past and received Radiesse injections on camera, courtesy of Dr. Nassif.