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  • Apparently everyone wants to keep up with the Kardashians, including the Jenners. New reports suggest that Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the reality show family is jealous of her big sister Kendall’s success as a model and wants to undergo $16,000 worth of plastic surgery in an effort to look as good as Kendall.

    Kylie is turning 17 in August and apparently she has requested plastic surgery for her birthday, to the tune of $16,000 for numerous procedures including a breast augmentation as well as a nose job and chin implant.

    Shortly before turning 18, Kendall Jenner reportedly had lip augmentation and is also rumored to have undergone other plastic surgery procedures as well, including a nose job and breast augmentation.


    Apparently Kylie is feeling that she is in the shadows of her famous sisters and wants to get in on plastic surgery in an effort to boost her profile.


    “Kylie’s such a pretty girl, but she’s found it difficult that her sister Kendall’s modelling career has taken off so much more than hers,” an insider told the website heat world exclusively.


    “Kendall is a natural born model. Kylie says she’s happy for her but, behind the scenes, all her friends know she’s jealous.”


    “Kylie idolises Kim and doesn’t think she’s as pretty as her other sisters, so she’s decided to do something about it.”


    “Kim’s all for it, she feels there are too many photos out there of her before she started her surgeries.”


    Already Kylie has sparked rumors of plastic surgery after posting an Instagram photo of herself and a friend. In the photo, Kyle is pursing her lips, making them look fuller and small red dot appears next to her mouth, which many are speculating is the injection site of her fillers. Or a blemish, given her age.


    Apparently if Kylie is going under the knife, it’s with her family’s approval. Both her parents are known for having facelifts and fillers and her big sisters are rumored to have plastic surgery procedures as well, including an augmentation of some type on Kim’s famous rear end.


    On the other hand, Kylie could be saving money and not undergoing plastic surgery at all. In the past, she has said that rumors of her and plastic surgery are hurtful and has even noted that at her tender age plastic surgery is unlikely.


    In the past, Kylie tweeted, “these plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest and are kinda insulting”


    She then followed the tweet up with “Just in case anyone forgot.. I’m 16.”


    16 is generally considered too young for breast augmentation, but many future stars and child stars opt for a nose job around that age in order to be successful on camera. Generally, breast augmentation is done after the age of 18, when development has more likely come to an end.


    All members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan are thought to have had some type of plastic surgery procedure, but some are more open about their work than others.