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  • Bethenny Frankel’s daytime talk show Bethenny may have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a few shockers before the last shows continue to air. One such shocker came from one of Bethenny’s fellow Real Housewives. Real Housewife of Atlanta has admitted to plastic surgery in the past, but when she spent time with the former Real Housewife of New York turned talk show host, she denied having work done.


    46-year old has formerly been open about her plastic surgery, even allowing Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras to film her going under the knife for the reality show. So it came as quite a shock to fans when Bethenny asked about NeNe’s plastic surgery to have NeNe respond with, “Why would I need plastic surgery?”


    To this, Bethenny responded by whipping out an extra large magnifying glass and carefully examining NeNe’s face, eventually proclaiming her to be “the real deal.”


    Other Housewives from different cities have also appeared on Bethenny’s talk show to dish on their various plastic surgery procedures, from breast implants to Botox.


    It seems that NeNe, and perhaps Bethenny, has a selective memory. In the past, NeNe has admitted to having a nose job, breast augmentation, breast implant reduction, a breast lift and liposuction. Although perhaps Bethenny was examining the wrong body parts to spot those procedures.


    Or maybe they are so used to plastic surgery meaning too much Botox that they just completely forgot to discuss NeNe’s surgical procedures as the Atlanta Housewife may not use Botox or fillers in her face and stick to only having major work on her body done.


    Back in 2010, rumors began to circulate that NeNe had undergone a nose job, making it appear to be slimmer and having a more refined look without the large bump at the end. The result was very natural looking and NeNe looked like a better version of herself rather than a completely different person, indicative of a job well done. While the rumors started toward the beginning of the year, NeNe didn’t confirm them until much later, in an interview with People magazine.


    In the interview, NeNe revealed that not only had she undergone a nose job, but she had also had her breast implants lifted and replaced with a smaller size, as well as waist contouring liposuction.

    “I’m very comfortable and confident in myself. I just wanted a tune up.” “I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am,” she says, “but a better version.”


    Given NeNe’s former open admission to having plastic surgery, her universal denial on the episode of Bethenny threw fans for a loop. Still, other Housewives have stopped by to discuss plastic surgery and Bethenny herself will frequently talk about her own experiences with plastic surgery as well.


    The only possible explanation seems to be that NeNe thought that plastic surgery meant non-invasive procedures like Botox and fillers. To clarify, she probably should have said she doesn’t use Botox or fillers rather than completely denying plastic surgery at all.