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  • It seems that the drama and controversy that this season’s new Real Housewife of Orange County, Shannon Beador, has stirred up as made her welcome back for the next season. However even as Shannon immerses herself in the dramatic lives of the housewives, one thing she says she won’t be doing is plastic surgery.

    Shannon appeared on Andy Cohen’s show “Watch What Happens Live (WWHL)” and immediately tongues were set wagging about her appearance.

    People speculated that the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star had undergone some sort of plastic surgery procedures because her cheeks and bust looked fuller.


    In response to the rumors, Shannon posted on her Instagram a blanket denial of any and all work—attributing her altered look to a new haircut and style.


    Shannon wrote, “I did NOT get a breast augmentation, facial surgery, cheek work, Botox or fillers… I got my hair cut by the amazing Dusty Simington at Salon Gregories!”


    Indeed, on the appearance in question, Shannon’s hair has more volume on top and is more tousled than her standard hairstyle.


    In one of Shannon’s first appearances on the show, Shannon discusses her insecurites saying, ” {husband} David always teases me about getting plastic surgery, and then I tease him right back,” Shannon says. “I want my daughters to grow up confident with their looks and do not want to send them the message that they should surgically alter their bodies if something isn’t perfect.”


    On a later episode, Shannon is busy dishing on her problems with other housewives when she drops the bombshell that when she was in college, she had a nose job and chin implant, which she also revealed on her official Bravo blog.


    According to Shannon, the doctor that performed her plastic surgery did such a good job that no one noticed or commented afterward—a sign of a job well done because her new look blended well with her old one, rather than dramatically transforming her face.


    “Tonight you get a glimpse of me “pre-nose and chin job.” I had the surgery my sophomore year in college and thought it would change everything! No one really noticed afterwards which I thought was crazy!”


    During Shannon’s appearance on the show, host Andy Cohen took questions from fans, including one especially pertinent, “You all look fabulous, but I have a question for you. Would any of you get work done by Terry Dubrow?”


    Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss gave a safe non-answer (“Never say never!”), while Shannon expanded a little more.


    “You know, I’m 50, which is a frightening number,” she answered, “and I am trying to do whatever I can in the natural way to stop the aging process, so, as far as going under the knife. I want to try and avoid that.”


    Shannon’s love of the natural and holistic approach to things has become just one of the many quirks that the housewife is known for.



    1 Comment so far

    1. Celina Crawford on August 23, 2014 4:01 pm

      You do not need plastic surgery nor Botox, look at Tamra. Her eyes look smaller and she is not as pretty as she was, You and David are a great looking couple. You do have class and good judgement. Please stop lowering yourself by letting heather( biggest phony ). and Tamra ( no self esteem) reeling you into their foolishness. Who does Heather think she is? She puts on so much about being so mucho with Terry. FAKE.
      Please put your husband & children first, with hugs and kisses and attention. Hold that pretty head of yours high. David is hot, you’ve got it right in front of you, I would treat David with so much attention and love , make him smile. Those 2 women are fools.

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