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  • Tami Erin isn’t exactly a household name. The actress is best known for coming into the towns of children of the 80s when she starred in “The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking.” These days Tami is all grown up but she’s still looking for attention a la Pippi, her alter ego. For Tami, finding fame again apparently means releasing a sex tape. And because she’s not as young as many of the stars with “accidentally” released sex tapes, Tami may have had a little plastic surgery to refresh her new career.

    39-year old Tami Erin isn’t the cute but irrepressible 14-year old that starred in the 1988 Columbia Pictures movie The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t still a troublemaker. The pretty redhead got in trouble with the law back in April when she arrested for assault in Northern California. Tami was arrested for assaulting her male roommate after neighbors reported the tussle to police. Tami was eventually released and her roommate is said to have suffered no permanent injuries.

    Although Tami hasn’t done anything in years and has only appeared in front of a camera in very random places, she did manage to make the news once again when she announced her sex tape sometime in the summer. As is the case with most stars’ sex tapes, the details are a little unclear but the upshot seems to be that seeing her career was going nowhere, Tami decided to try to play the fame game with a sex tape, following in the footsteps of such luminary stars as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham.

    Tami’s partner in the tape remains unknown, but the actress is said to get up close and personal with the man and the camera. Originally, it was said that the man in question was shopping the sex tape, but it seems that desperate times call for desperate measures and Tami is desperate enough that she herself sold the sex tape to a pornography company.

    Between playing Pippi and appearing in porn, Tami has grown up and changed quite a lot. Still, she looks so pretty and refreshed for a 39-year old woman that it seems quite likely that Pippi picked up a few plastic surgery tricks from her time in Hollywood—maybe even breast augmentation.

    While 14-year Tami as Pippi had the adorable spray of freckles that you would expect to see on a child with her coloring, Tami seems to have outgrown her freckles. While some freckles do fade over the years, it is also possible that Tami has used laser treatments and skin creams that can get rid of signs of aging, including removing some of the pigmentation found in freckles. Tami may also use makeup to help hide the freckles, while the producers of the film may have enhanced them.

    In addition to laser treatments, Tami also looks to use Botox in her forehead as it is very smooth for a woman that does not wear bangs and does show signs of age in other areas of her face, especially around the eyes.

    While Tami decides whether or not her sex tape is coming into your town, it seems that plastic surgery has definitely come into her life.