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  • Real Housewife of Miami Lea Black may still be holding out on some plastic surgery secrets. While Lea came clean about having some work on her neck during a taping of Watch What Happens Live, sources claim that the housewife isn’t telling the whole truth about her plastic surgery history.

    While many housewives fess up about their plastic surgery procedures, from nose jobs and operations that took place years ago as teens to their most recent Botox injection, it seems that Lea Black isn’t one of them. While Lea Black did admit to having some plastic surgery done on her neck, she neglected to reveal that she has also apparently had several facelifts in the past and also gets Botox and filler injections as well.

    RadarOnline reports a source saying, “While she’s doing all the facelifts, I do know that she gets tons of Botox and fillers.”

    Even though everyone knows about Lea’s plastic surgery, the housewife still feels compelled to deny it, apparently because she feels it conflicts with selling her skincare products.

    “And she says she doesn’t because she has a skincare line,” the source explains.

    Furthermore, while everyone knows about Lea’s denials, they don’t take her seriously.

    “They laugh,” the source says.

    Apparently Lea’s plastic surgery is pretty obvious and her facelifts may have been over zealous. She may have also had blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery, which didn’t go right, if the source is correct.

    “She can’t close her eyelids,” the source says. “It’s really weird.”

    Not being able to close the eyelids after surgery is a problem that people who have had over zealous plastic surgeons tend to suffer. Joan Rivers and Kenny Rogers are two stars that have said that they can’t close their eyes after plastic surgery.

    However, making Lea’s plastic surgery even more obvious is the contrast of her pulled face next to her natural body. It seems that while Lea is focused on having a taut, young face, she is less concerned that the rest of her matches.

    “Everyone talks about the dramatic difference and often comment on why she doesn’t fix her saggy boobs she always has hanging out without a bra,” the source says.

    If Lea wanted to appear a little more even all over, she could consider skin tightening treatments using lasers. If her breasts are very saggy, she could probably use a lift as well as breast implants and because hands are often a giveaway of a woman’s real age, some chemical peels or lasers could probably clear up signs of aging and sun damage, while fat injections could help to restore youth.

    Lea is married to celebrity criminal attorney Roy Black, who is said to be currently helping pop star Justin Bieber out with his recent troubles with the law. In the past, he has been involved with a number of high-profile cases including the rape trial of William Kennedy Smith and Kelsey Grammer’s rumored sexual relationship with an underage girl.