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  • Since her fame making role in Jerry Maguire role in 1996, Renee Zellwegger has had a lot of ups and downs with her career. And apparently her face has followed suit. While some love Renee’s Bridget Jones franchise, others have taken her to task for some of her other work. And when she made her first red carpet appearance in months earlier this week, some thought she looked great and free of Botox, while others thought that she had overused the injectable to the point of no return.

    44-year old Renee Zellwegger came out for the Painted Turtle Presents A Starry Evening of Music, Comedy & Surprises in San Francisco—the Painted Turtle is a year-round camp that provides a haven for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Sporting a tousled bun on the top of her head and minimal makeup with a fitted little black dress, Renee turned heads as she posed for the camera. And when the night was over, Internet critics weighed in the blondes’ appearance, some thinking she looked radiant and glowing and better than she has in years, while others still felt that she was overdoing the Botox.

    Also at the event were other stars, including Annette Bening, Josh Groban, Bonnie Raitt, Danny DeVito, and Glee actress Amber Riley, but all the focus was on Renee’s newest look.


    At last year’s Academy Awards, Renee drew unwelcome attention to herself when plastic surgery seemed to interfere with her ability to read a list of nominee’s names from an envelope. Since then, she hasn’t been seen around much, but when she does make an appearance, the attention has gone to her newly wide eyed look, which is a distinct different from her signature squint.


    Given her wide-eyed look, there was a lot of speculation that Renee had undergone blepharoplasty to help open up her lids and showcase her blue peepers. However, at the time, Dr. Anthony Youn explained to RadarOnline that Botox can achieve similar wide-eyed results, without the use of plastic surgery like eyelid surgery.


    At the recent charity event, Renee still had a more eyes wide open look than usual, but she also looked like her face had relaxed. While sometimes Renee’s face looks very full and tight, as though she has had so many fillers injected into her cheeks that they are taking over every other feature, Renee now looks a little softer. It could be possible that because Botox only lasts for months, rather than years, Renee has eased off and so was able to move her facial muscles a little more, for a more natural appearance. Although her skin was shiny, Renee may simply suffer from an oily complexion (which could benefit from a ProSonic device), as her close-ups of her face did reveal some very faint wrinkles in her forehead, which is befitting of a woman her age.


    While plastic surgery can eliminate wrinkles, having a few lines here and there and better facial mobility can actually make a person appear younger than overdoing the Botox injections. Hopefully Renee has now learned that lesson.