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  • If you didn’t watch the deleted scenes from the season 2 premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, then you may not know that Morgan Stewart is gearing up for plastic surgery.

    While redecorating her fancy Bel Air pad, 26-year old Morgan hangs professional photos of herself and realizes that beautiful as the portraits are, she doesn’t like what she sees.

    Morgan explains, “I’m definitely taking in the middle of my nose slightly. No I really am.”


    She then adds that “from certain angles” she looks like a “rhinoceros.”


    No stranger to photos of herself, Morgan probably knows which angles are the least flattering and wants a nose job so that she can hold the camera on any side have a great photo without being taken for a rhino.


    Morgan isn’t the first member of her crew to consider plastic surgery. Her boyfriend and costar, Brendan Fitzpatrick, had a consultation for a plastic surgery hair restoration procedure earlier this year.


    During the appointment, Brendan posed for a photo with two doctors at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group examining his head and captioned the image with “The perks of going bald @Drpay @plastixdocs.”


    Morgan, who also maintains her own blog, wrote about her S.O.’s hair loss in a recent post, saying, “I’m off to the hair restoration DR with my boyfriend who seems to care that he’s prematurely balding. Like I was over that week three. #JasonStatham.”


    Around the same time Morgan, who also works as a blogger, wrote that, “I do need a nose job but will NEVER get one – EVER. Regardless of how unflattering it may be or how much I may not like it, I was obviously meant to look this way so I’m just going to go along with that plan.”


    Morgan was responding to critics who made fun of her nose once her show aired and her blog and photos had more views.


    Mean comments included people speculating on how Morgan could have a lot of money and not spend some on a nose job and suggesting that her nose was even larger than her breasts, of which Morgan is very proud.


    It seems that since writing that particular post Morgan has changed her mind. Maybe taking more selfies or seeing how she looks on her reality show has changed her mind. Other than her nose, Morgan has said that she is happy with her looks and her figure, which include a self-reported 24 inch waist and DD breasts, which are all natural. In addition to finding flattering camera angles for her larger sized nose, she probably also uses contouring techniques with makeup to make her nose appear smaller and to help minimize the bump that has begun to bother her enough to go under the knife.


    If Morgan is finally ready to go under the knife, she may go to one of the doctors at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, which consulted her boyfriend on his hair loss treatment plan and options.