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  • Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to the strong opinions of the public. Years after the series has ended and the fashionista has gone on to do other projects, people still follow her comings and goings. When it comes to her looks and what she is wearing, people pay especial attention to the details. Even her so-called “witch hands,” which some say she could fix with plastic surgery.

    48-year old Sarah Jessica Parker has long said that she is against plastic surgery and aging naturally. However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t subject to tabloid rumors of plastic surgery. People who have watched SJP since before her hit television show have said that she had a nose job as her nose doesn’t look as big and bumpy as it did in her youth and Botox seemed a near certainty as her skin still looks pretty wrinkle free, except for some adorable crow’s feet around her eyes. Given that SJP has maintained that she is plastic surgery free, she could just be maintaining her skin with excellent skincare products and getting the occasional chemical peels and microdermabrasion or even laser treatments.

    The only time that SJP admitted to going under the knife was during “mole gate,” when a prominent and famous mole on her chin disappeared and then mysteriously reappeared. While SJP didn’t admit it at first, apparently she had the mole removed and then makeup artists replaced it for continuity purposes when Sex and the City hit the big screen.

    Makeup could also explain SJP’s suddenly slimmer nose. Just as her wardrobe choices vastly improved once under the eye of Sex and the City’s costume designer, SJP’s ability to use makeup to improve her looks could have gotten better as well.

    Given that the star is against plastic surgery, it is no surprise that she was upset to read a tabloid article about her “witch hands,” which suggested that her hands are so hideous that she should have plastic surgery on them.

    SJP appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, telling the host, “And I flipped the page and there was an article about my hands and how ugly they are and how I should go have cosmetic surgery to fix them and I have been contemplating the surgery or I had the surgery,” she said. “And then there was a really crude drawing of my hands as a witch’s hands.”


    She went on to say that the attack on her hands made her feel physically unwell. “Literally, I was in the car like dizzy,” she recalled. “I felt like I needed to be hospitalized. But it really got me to thinking. And here’s what I thunk: I thought, ‘Really? This is how low?’ Like we are now going to attack, to suggest an appendage is now worthy of . . . it was so ridiculous, so outrageous to me because, here’s the thing, we’ll wrap this up, I love my hands.”


    Other stars, including Madonna and Christie Brinkley have also been spotted for having hands that give away their age, despite having unusually youthful visages. To make hands appear younger, you can plump up bony hands with fat injections or get rid of signs of aging with microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, among other cosmetic treatments.