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  • Linda Evangelista is considered one of the top supermodels of all time. At one point her face covered nearly every major magazine. Yet these days, the 49-year old is almost unrecognizable and it isn’t just because of a new haircut and color job. It looks as though Linda is trying too hard to fight signs of aging and has actually gone overboard with non-invasive plastic surgery techniques, including Botox and facial fillers.

    Linda Evangelista is best known for her glamorous looks, whether she’s rocking red hair or platinum blonde. But even supermodels take a day off, for better or worse. And Linda was looking less than her best when she stepped out without makeup last month, allowing paparazzi cameras to check out her plastic surgery up close.

    Although Linda still is slim and in shape, her face appears very full and puffy, which is like the result of too many fat grafts or fillers being placed in her cheeks and in the laugh lines that go from nose to mouth. Without having any distinction in the areas of her face, Linda looks a little bloated and strange.


    In addition, Linda’s forehead is very smooth, as is the space between her eyebrows. Her eyebrows have always been very arched but now they seem unusually elevated. This is likely an effect from too much Botox being used.


    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn hasn’t worked on Linda, but tells Radar, “The supermodel’s face looks super plumped up. I suspect that she’s had some injections of fat into her cheeks, causing them to look puffy like they do.”


    “It also appears that she may have some Botox in her forehead, helping her keep the arched eyebrows that are her calling card. I also suspect that she may have had some injections of filler like Restylane into her smile lines, causing them to be a bit blunted. Overall, it’s hard to recognize her now.”


    On the other hand, Linda looks flawless and is close to 50, so she is looking pretty good for her age.


    “Linda looks remarkable for an almost-fifty-year-old. Her skin is tight, smooth, and flawless. She has admitted to Botox in the past, but nothing surgical,” New York plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman tells Radar.


    “I cannot say that her face looks surgically-enhanced. She has likely benefited from a good skin care regimen, regular Botox, and probably an occasional chemical peel or some fillers. Add into the mix some great genetics and you probably have the reason why she continues to look amazing.”


    Dr. Schulman is right. Shortly after she turned 40, Linda revealed that she is a firm believer in Botox and had also tried laser treatments, such as Thermage.


    Linda said at the time, “I’m pro-cosmetic procedure. I use Botox and I’m not afraid to say it, though I do like to keep some movement in my face.”


    “I do Thermage, a treatment to stimulate your collagen… For me, it’s just for enhancement, like hair color or make-up or any other tricks you can do to make yourself feel better.”